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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Explicitly \Ex*plic"it*ly\, adv. In an explicit manner; clearly; plainly; without disguise or reservation of meaning; not by inference or implication; as, he explicitly avows his intention.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1630s, from explicit + -ly (2). Opposed to implicitly.


adv. In an explicit manner.

  1. adv. in an explicit manner; "in his foreword Professor Clark puts it explicitly" [ant: implicitly]

  2. in an explicit manner; "he stated expressly that the needed the money by tomorrow" [syn: expressly]

Usage examples of "explicitly".

But somehow, no one bothered to explicitly consult Andersen accountants about the reserve agreement.

If you can answer that question in the affirmative, then do so explicitly, by demonstrating how their opinions in this case can be reconciled with their opinions in prior cases as well as with their extrajudicial writings.

Neither view was explicitly rejected, but a third possibility was in their minds, one which would not and could not have been there, had any one of the three had the settling of the prospectus and conducted the business with Maturin.

The novel identifies selfhood explicitly in terms of the fear of death.

In what was their own explicitly, as well as what was tacitly theirs, they were not so restricted as we were at home, and especially the children seemed made fondly and lovingly free of all public things.

Through detailed calculations, Brandenberger and Vafa explicitly verified that indeed this is the case.

Geza Vermes states explicitly that it was Onias IV who founded the Egyptian temple, thus maintaining the exclusion of this temple from serious academic consideration.

The mall, explicitly about aesthetics and economics, is also implicitly about ethics and politics.

And this conjecture is the more likely in the light of the later appearance of domesticated fire, not only in the high Neanderthal bear sanctuaries but also in the context of the Ainu bear festivals, where it is identified explicitly with the manifestation of a goddess.

He is the one Wonderland creature who explicitly presents Alice with a broad-based, ostensibly reasonable explanation of the chaos that surrounds her.

As the vice tightened, Catholics were explicitly forbidden to keep not only Catholic servants but a Catholic schoolmaster: since every master had to have a licence to teach.

And second, by not saying anything about the equal-protection clauseindeed, by explicitly denying review of the Bush claim that a manual recount employing different standards for counting questionable ballots denied him equal protection the per curiam implied that the justices did not think that the use of such different standards created an equal-protection problem.

But the procedures stated explicitly that the Elders were not to be alerted in cases of suspected intrusion, probably because every such incident for the past hundred cyclics had turned out to be a false alarm.

They may involve the rejection of some preliminary calculated dates and the acceptance of others on the basis of complex arguments that are seldom explicitly published.

Subsequent cases sustaining rate orders of the Federal Power Commission have not dealt explicitly with this point.