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executive director

n. a person responsible for the administration of a business [syn: executive]

Executive director

An executive director is a chief executive officer (CEO) or managing director of an organization, company, or corporation. The title is widely used in North American non-profit organizations, though many United States nonprofits have adopted the title president or CEO.

Confusion can arise because the words executive and director occur both in this title and in titles of various members of some organizations' boards of directors. The precise meanings of these terms are discussed in the board of directors article.

Usage examples of "executive director".

I followed the chain of command all the way to Ralph Adams, the executive director of NSA.

What even they don't realize is that Suma intends to set himself up as executive director.

LADY EVESHAM An early feminist, and non-executive Director, Corinium Television.

By nine he was in his home office where he served as the founder and executive director of an obscure little nonprofit group known as the Temple Mount Battalion.

This is a President who has never had any compunction about going around with a tin cup,' said Charles Lewis, the founder and executive director of the Center for Public Integrity.