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The Euomphalina comprise a major suborder of mainly Paleozoic archaeogastropods, shells of which are hyperstophic to depressed orthstrophic, commonly with an angulation at the outer upper whorl surface thought to be coincident with the exhalent channel; shell wall thick, outer layer calcitic, inner layers aragonitic but not nacreous; operculum calcareous and heavy. Their range is from the Upper Cambrian to the Triassic, and possibly as high as the Upper Cretaceous.

The suborder Euomphalina de Koninck 1881 is synonymous with Macluritina (Cox and Knight 1960).

The suborder Euomphalina includes the extinct superfamilies Euomphaloidea, Macluritoidea, Ophiletoidea, and Platyceratoidea.