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ESG may refer to:

  • Erle Stanley Gardner, author of detective stories, best known for the Perry Mason series.
  • Earth System Grid. a gateway to International scientific data collections.
  • Engineering Seismology Group, a microseismic monitoring and data analysis company from Canada.
  • Environmental Social and Corporate Governance, the commonly accepted factors involved in Responsible Investment assessments
  • ESG (band), formerly known as Emerald, Sapphire and Gold
    • ESG (EP), a 1981 EP by ESG
  • E.S.G., Houston based rapper
  • Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, a German system and software house
  • Electronic Service Guide
  • Election Support Group an international sponsored organization supporting the election process in Pakistan
  • Escola Superior de Guerra
  • Expeditionary Strike Group
  • Experimental Study Group at MIT
  • Dr. Luis Maria ArgaƱa International Airport, in Mariscal Estigarribia, Paraguay (IATA code: ESG)
ESG (band)

ESG (Emerald, Sapphire and Gold) is an American post-punk band that emerged from the South Bronx, New York City, in the early 1980s. Trouser Press called it "one of the most dynamic bands that New York could offer at the top of the '80s." ESG has been influential across a wide range of musical genres, including hip hop, post-punk, disco, and dance-punk. The band's track "UFO" is one of the most sampled songs in history.


ESG is the debut EP by American post-punk band ESG. It was released by 99 Records in 1981. The EP received positive reviews from music critics. "Moody" became popular with house DJs, and "UFO" came to be one of the most sampled tracks in hip hop music.