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Erl is a municipality of 1,400 inhabitants in the Kufstein district in western Austria. It lies 15 km north of the administrative town of Kufstein in the northern part of the Tyrol, at the border with Bavaria, Germany.

Settlement began in the third century; Erl is mentioned in documents dating back to A.D. 788. The village has hosted a Passion play every six years since 1613 as well as the more recently founded summer and wintertime 'Tyrolean Festival, founded by Gustl Kuhn which is devoted to classical music and opera.

ERL (automobile manufacturer)

ERL, from the initials of its creator Eskil Roland Lindström, was an automobile manufacturer from Mölndal, Sweden. Eskil Roland Lindström was a race driver during the mid war period and after World War II he built a series of nine sports cars based on parts from motorcycles and standard cars. The first engine came from a Douglas motorcycle, later it was replaced by a 600 cc two stroke DKW engine giving 14.5 HP. It was connected to a three-speed gearbox mounted in the middle of the car. The grille came from a Ford Model B, but lowered. Many of the chassis parts came from BMW Dixi, a German copy of Austin Seven. The car was very light, only 520 kg and the top speed was 100 km/h.