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The Enz is a river flowing north from the Black Forest to the Neckar in Baden-Württemberg. It is 112 km long.

Its headstreams – the Little Enz and the Great Enz or Big Enz (Große Enz) – rise in the Northern Black Forest, the latter at Enzklösterle. In Calmbach, the Little Enz and the Big Enz join to form the Enz. The river passes through Neuenbürg and Pforzheim, where it leaves the Black Forest. It then flows through the cities of Vaihingen and Bietigheim-Bissingen. Along the lower course, wine is grown.

Major tributaries to the Enz are Glems and Nagold (with its tributary Würm). Near Besigheim the Enz feeds into the Neckar.

In earlier times the Enz was important for the timber rafting industry.