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The ENV (Emission Neutral Vehicle) is an electric motorcycle prototype powered by an hydrogen fuel cell. It was developed by Intelligent Energy, a British company.

Env (disambiguation)

Env may refer to:

  • env, a Unix shell utility.
  • ENV, a hydrogen motorcycle.
  • Env (gene), a viral envelope.
  • LG enV (VX9900), a Verizon cellular phone.
  • General Motors EN-V, an electric autonomous vehicle with cabin on two wheels
  • E.N.V. Motor Syndicate, an early Anglo-French aircraft engine company
  • Education for Nature - Vietnam, a Vietnamese wildlife protection NGO.
Env (gene)

Env is a viral protein that serves to form the viral envelope. The expression of the env gene enables retroviruses to target and attach to specific cell types, and to infiltrate the target cell membrane.

Analysis of the structure and sequence of several different env genes suggests that Env proteins are type 1 fusion machines. Type 1 fusion machines initially bind a receptor on the target cell surface, which triggers a conformational change, allowing for binding of the fusion protein. The fusion peptide inserts itself in the host cell membrane and brings the host cell membrane very close to the viral membrane to facilitate membrane fusion.

While there are significant differences in sequence of the env gene between retroviruses, the gene is always located downstream of gag, pro, and pol. The env mRNA must be spliced for expression.

The mature product of the env gene is the viral spike protein, which has two main parts: the surface protein (SU) and the transmembrane protein (TM). The tropism of the virus is determined by the SU protein domain because it is responsible for the receptor-binding function of the virus. The SU domain therefore determines the specificity of the virus for a single receptor molecule.

Usage examples of "env".

His eyes devoured the elegant form that had lain beneath a corpse, rending her as she dragged herself shrieking from the terrible env brace.

Barons Megalrie, Niniunto, Tvarik, and others are pressing for an Imperial Commission on the subject, and on firms such as Enver Limited, Corso and Associates, MCG Biologics.

Because the Appropriate Technology Institute was five small rooms in the back of a rented warehouse, Willes Willgel had arrived early and sat waiting for the mysterious Patron Enver.

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