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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hypoblast \Hy"po*blast\, n. [Pref. hypo- + -blast.] (Biol.) The inner or lower layer of the blastoderm; -- called also endoderm, entoderm, and sometimes hypoderm. See Illust. of Blastoderm, Delamination, and Ectoderm.


n. (context biology English) (alternative form of endoderm English)


n. the inner germ layer that develops into the lining of the digestive and respiratory systems [syn: endoderm, endoblast, entoblast, hypoblast]

Usage examples of "entoderm".

Its two epithelia, the outer and the inner, the ectoderm and the entoderm, proved to be primitive organs out of whose foldings-in and -out, were developed the glands, the tissues, the sensory organs, the body processes.