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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ In that experiment 19 enlisted men were repeatedly tested over a period of six weeks.
▪ Her alienation was of particular significance because she was soon after enlisted to mediate between her husband and her brother.
▪ In that experiment 19 enlisted men were repeatedly tested over a period of six weeks.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

enlisted \enlisted\ adj. prenom. (Mil.) designating to those members of the armed forces not commissioned as an officer; as, an enlisted man.

  1. Belonging to the military, but not as a commissioned officer. n. Those individuals who have enlisted in the military and who are not commissioned officers. v

  2. (en-past of: enlist)


adj. of someone who has joined the military; "an enlisted man" [syn: enlisted(a)]

Enlisted (TV series)

Enlisted is an American comedy television series that premiered January 10, 2014, on Fox. Fox placed a 13-episode order for the single-camera comedy in May 2013. Despite low ratings, the show received critical acclaim.

On March 26, 2014, Fox announced that from April 11, Kitchen Nightmares would be airing in Enlisteds timeslot – effectively removing it from the schedule after nine episodes had aired. On May 7, 2014, Fox canceled the series, but allowed the final four episodes to air in June. The entire first season was released on DVD on December 9, 2014.

Usage examples of "enlisted".

An enlisted aircrewman directed them to seats in the middle of the aircraft, then trotted back down the ramp to check for any more late arrivals.

He considered the name again and decided it would probably stick, unless something catchier had already come out of the enlisted quarters.

Down in the cockpit were Lieutenant Commander Feyley, the OOD, and an enlisted phone talker there to relay communications in parallel with the speaker circuits in case of a failure of the bridge box.

STERNPLANESMAN Enlisted watchstander in the Ship Control Party who controls the sternplanes at the Ship Control Panel.

Major - de Coverley had returned from Rome with an injured cornea after renting two apartments there for the officers and enlisted men to use on their rest leaves.

Germans, but it did fool Major - de Coverley, who packed his musette bag, commandeered an airplane and, under the impression that Florence too had been captured by the Allies, had himself flown to that city to rent two apartments for the officers and the enlisted men in the squadron to use on rest leaves.

WAR DOG TRAINING SCHOOL SCHOOLS REGIMENT, MARINE TRAINING COMMAND CAMP LEJEUNE, NORTH CAROLINA 30 August 1945 Total dogs enlisted and processed by Marine Corps: 891 Total registered dogs in Marine Corps obtained from Army: 96 Army dogs not registered but on duty in Marine Corps from Army: 60 GRAND TOTAL DOGS: 1047 RECAPITULATION Dogs here on dutystincluding hospital, 45 survey, and rejects: 194 Dogs on duty Continental U.

He understood that we had promised their return, but if some of the dogs would prove to be hazardous to the very families that enlisted them, clearly we would be compelled to reconsider.

I explained my fears to them, and as one they enlisted with me to follow our beloved Princess in her wanderings, even to the Sacred Iss and the Valley Dor.

The Kaliningrad, so automated that a relatively few enlisted ratings were required aboard, was manned by 18 officers, 13 warrant officers and 16 enlisted men.

Bethel had been developing a quite healthy small hatred for Mahala, but now she enlisted under her, hoped that she would take Andy away from the Hinterwald girl and marry him immediately--though she saw that this would mean that she herself would never have a chance at the young Sun God.

For the first time in the history of an emergency call-up, there would be an overabundance of trained enlisted and commissioned personnel.

Congregationalist minister, Carlson had begun his military career as an enlisted man, and served with the Marines in China under General Smedley Butler in 1927-29, and again at Shanghai and Peiping in 1933-35 when he undertook the study of the language.

He had been a predental student in his second year of college when he enlisted in the Marine Corps and was a quiet, studious but extremely capable Marine.

If anything, Deacon Colonel Ramshorn, commander of the five hundred man unit, was unhappy at finding himself subordinate to an enlisted man.