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enlisted woman

n. a female enlisted person in the armed forces

Usage examples of "enlisted woman".

That was astonishing behavior for an enlisted woman, Bitter thought, precisely the reason the customs of the service kept enlisted people separated socially from officers.

The fiber-optic data link crossloaded the same signal to PALM BOWL, and when a USAF enlisted woman switched on the room's monitor, they were looking down at a nearly featureless landscape while the Predator was guided to its destination by its operators.

Which lacks Gossner and Dwan expectedafter all, the Confederation Marine Corps was footing the bill, and the CMC wasnt about to pay for luxury accommodations for a junior NCO and a junior enlisted woman.

Yeoman Jones, a nineteen-year-old enlisted woman from Mars, who was on her first out-of-system assignment, was even now waiting by the center chair with a cup of coffee.

You see, around the same time that Joe Ralston was considering his application, a young lady combat flier called Kelly Flinn got caught fucking the civilian husband of an enlisted woman.