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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
enjoy a boom
▪ Since then, China has enjoyed a remarkable boom.
enjoy a chat
▪ Most people enjoy a good chat.
enjoy a peaceful/quiet etc existence
▪ They enjoy a comfortable existence.
enjoy a reputation (=have it)
▪ The hotel enjoys a good reputation.
enjoy fame (=be famous)
▪ The town briefly enjoyed fame as the location of a popular television series.
enjoy freedom
▪ Filmmakers today enjoy more freedom than in the past.
enjoy good relations (=have good relations)
▪ For years, the company enjoyed good relations with its workers
enjoy popularity (=be popular)
▪ The band enjoyed great popularity in the 1980s.
enjoy sb’s company
▪ Steve was fun and she clearly enjoyed his company.
enjoy the benefits
▪ You’ll enjoy all the benefits of being a member.
enjoy the moment
▪ She found herself laughing with him, enjoying the moment.
enjoy your food
▪ I’ve never seen anyone enjoy their food so much.
enjoy/admire the view
▪ They sat enjoying the view down the valley.
enjoy/command supportformal (= have support)
▪ His views were too extreme to command general support.
enjoying a revival
▪ Traditional English food seems to be enjoying a revival at the moment.
enjoy/take in the scenery (=spend time looking at beautiful scenery)
▪ Relax with a glass of local wine while you take in the beautiful scenery.
like/enjoy cooking
▪ I enjoy cooking at the weekend.
like/love/enjoy nothing better (than)
▪ She likes nothing better than a nice long walk along the beach.
love/enjoy/relish a challenge
▪ Children enjoy a challenge so the work should not be too easy.
quite like/enjoy
▪ I quite like Chinese food.
▪ And he has been set thereby in relationship to a deity, apart from himself, who also enjoys free will.
▪ The parties enjoyed also the benefit of free but limited television time.
▪ Business school graduates are also enjoying lucrative offers.
▪ She also enjoyed taking on occasional press and public relations assignments, and brings that experience to her present work.
▪ Likewise, devotees of Shellabarger and Yerby may also enjoy Forester and vintage Dumas. 2.
▪ They will also enjoy a competitive authorised overdraft interest rate of 10 per cent.
▪ The reverse is also true; those who prefer historical novels may also enjoy some Historical Romances.
▪ I always enjoyed walking the full length of the street to check how the other shops were faring.
▪ At Holy Trinity adult believers had always enjoyed a certain latitude.
▪ I always enjoyed that, having breakfast in bed.
▪ As a boy he had quit many things-the basketball team, the Episcopal youth group and always enjoyed the experience.
▪ She had always enjoyed men's company.
▪ I always enjoyed any operation we had in there; it was always cooler inside.
▪ I always enjoy reading your page in the Echo, will you please forward this letter to the Beeb.
▪ I had always enjoyed being in situations where I was free of the shackles of contrived good looks.
▪ To Dorcas's amazement, now that the immediate danger was over, she seemed to be quite enjoying it.
▪ Certainly there is little coherence in her timetabled day: indeed perversely its very staccato pattern is a feature Susie quite enjoys.
▪ Caspar would quite enjoy hearing about that.
▪ He says he's quite enjoying it.
▪ I was even quite enjoying it.
▪ He had quite enjoyed that kind of jealousy for the first few months of their marriage.
▪ He was quite enjoying his lunch after all.
▪ I don't really enjoy it.
▪ I really enjoyed that, but musically I felt restricted.
▪ You're a doll and I really enjoyed knowing you.
▪ Highlight each of the skills you really enjoyed using.
▪ I take lessons twice a week, I really enjoy them.
▪ What he really enjoyed was the challenge and the stimulation of new problems to be solved in new and ingenious ways.
▪ Some children really enjoy helping to fill a box or shelves in the correct way.
▪ And all I see is a little girl who really enjoyed what she was doing.
▪ Golf has replaced hockey as her sport, and she still enjoys acting and painting and especially line drawing.
▪ But by being there first, the Big East still enjoys an advantage.
▪ Despite all the drawbacks, I still enjoy getting out and about in the countryside whenever I can.
▪ Swensson still enjoyed getting on the road.
▪ I am nearly 54 and still enjoying what I do.
▪ Many elderly people still enjoy a visit to the cinema, the theatre or a concert.
▪ Bruch still enjoyed this, loved playing corpse.
▪ She lifted it over the fence and set off across the little meadow, gathering speed and thoroughly enjoying it.
▪ He thoroughly enjoyed being a broker, and had never seriously considered management.
▪ I thoroughly enjoy cooking for her and she thoroughly enjoys eating it.
▪ I get a real kick out of it and thoroughly enjoy doing it.
▪ They cheered the solos, whooped-it-up for each selection and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
▪ Your correspondent thoroughly enjoyed reading this 32 page history book which was written by Douglas Pickett and beautifully illustrated by Harry Tucker.
▪ She was thoroughly enjoying herself, she assured Amy, and had a very full social life.
▪ Our growth projects will be in sectors where we enjoy the advantage of efficient technology and low-cost feedstocks.
▪ But by being there first, the Big East still enjoys an advantage.
▪ Most small towns of any significance lay on the principal roads; some also enjoyed the advantages provided by a nearby river.
▪ It permits the little boy to enjoy fully the advantages of the phallic development he is now entering.
▪ By contrast, metals enjoyed many advantages.
▪ Never can he enjoy the same advantages, however great his learning, when he pitches camp elsewhere.
▪ Rovers enjoyed a heavy advantage in penalties before half-time but it did not do them a lot of good.
▪ Dole and Gramm, to be sure, enjoy fund-raising advantages of their own, as powerful long-serving senators.
▪ But unlike their counterparts at Nissan and Toyota, none enjoys the full benefits of trade union membership.
▪ The Huskies enjoy the benefit of a devoted, vocal following.
▪ Over 8,000 people regularly enjoy the benefits of Medau classes - but - only 25% of them belong to the Medau Society.
▪ My sister Janie Ming-li also enjoyed the benefits of deep-seated superstition.
▪ Take your time choosing your ring and enjoy the benefit of receiving expert help and advice from the Beaverbrooks professionally trained staff.
▪ And the companies expect to enjoy direct benefits from their efforts.
▪ You do not have to be a separatist or even a lesbian to enjoy the benefits of graduated separatism.
▪ This exercise of economic power could be coercive, in the sense that A might prevent B from enjoying certain economic benefits.
▪ He is married with three children and enjoys gardening and cricket.
▪ Work-inhibited children who enjoy good relationships with their parents are likely to find their own way.
▪ Tipperary, Tom, who is married with four children, enjoys angling, cycling and gardening.
▪ If your child enjoys playing with trains, this is a marvelous opportunity to take advantage of that interest.
▪ Why does guidance act as a punisher since a child may enjoy the contact it brings?
▪ Although children under 3 can enjoy many of the activities, they might be frightened by the noise level.
▪ There is a special activity programme geared towards senior citizens, and children will enjoy the weekly Punch and Judy shows.
▪ Situations or sights that other children enjoyed terrified Hannah.
▪ I enjoy your company, this is where we should eat our meals, together, of course it is.
▪ He relied on Charlie, and enjoyed his company.
▪ At weekends when our daughter was at home from college, she too enjoyed the child's company.
▪ Although I am 40 and from a different age group, I actually enjoy his company in the dressing room.
▪ She had always enjoyed men's company.
▪ Johnnie Warburton used to work turn-about with him and they enjoyed each other's company.
▪ She and her husband Bob enjoy the company of their children and two grandchildren.
▪ He was fond of women; he enjoyed their company and he liked making love.
▪ But she had enjoyed the experience, she realised now.
▪ He did not enjoy the experience, and he was not impressed by the other students and the setting.
▪ Both groups of pupils had enjoyed the experience.
▪ As a boy he had quit many things-the basketball team, the Episcopal youth group and always enjoyed the experience.
▪ They have clearly enjoyed the experience.
▪ You are also autonomous, like challenge, are confident, flexible and enjoy new experiences.
▪ Learn, enjoy the experience - and save money!
▪ They establish transcultural friendships and come not only to accept but to enjoy their experiences.
▪ Travel in our Silver Jubilee year and enjoy the freedom of the Railway when you buy an All-line ticket.
▪ Although she enjoyed her freedom, she missed her son.
▪ She enjoyed the freedom, but she dreaded being lonely.
▪ Now I really am enjoying my freedom.
▪ Like all other institutions, it can not enjoy absolute freedom.
▪ In contrast, self-defeating organizations enjoy no such freedom.
▪ Once you've got the rating, you know that you've never before enjoyed such flying freedom.
▪ Flood never enjoyed the freedom he sought in baseball, but his efforts paved the way for other court battles.
▪ For 12 years the Mellor family enjoyed holidays at Jim's seaside home with the builder and his wife.
▪ Elwin Silverstein, account executive with the Triad Insurance Group, enjoys the annual holiday brunch his employer hosts.
▪ Then it emerged that the Heritage Secretary and his family enjoyed two other luxury holidays courtesy of Middle East friends.
▪ They might even enjoy an annual seaside holiday week.
▪ Age &038; Fitness Active people of all ages enjoy these holidays.
▪ I looked my slimmest ever on my wedding day and thoroughly enjoyed my holiday.
▪ I could happily enjoy a really lazy holiday in Capraia.
▪ Apple Snails will enjoy a holiday in any tank over-run with algae, or unwanted plants.
▪ While men today enjoy later life as one of a couple, for women the experience is most often solitary.
▪ But with proper attention and treatment, people with narcolepsy enjoy a relatively normal life.
▪ He enjoyed life, a hundred percent, twenty-four hours a day.
▪ They enjoy country life and like to stay at home with friends.
▪ It is hardly news that a writer may enjoy an imaginative life richer, kinder than his pragmatic circumstance.
▪ Jane and her pupil enjoy each other; life is pleasant even if Jane does occasionally wish for more activity.
▪ He retired to enjoy his life.
▪ Each person enjoys natural rights to life, liberty, and property.
▪ He may come in for a steak, but he wants to take his time and enjoy a leisurely meal.
▪ I struggled to remember the last time I had enjoyed a meal so thoroughly from start to finish.
▪ I don't think I've ever enjoyed a meal so much.
▪ I hope you enjoyed your meal.
▪ Once the hostess appeared to ask if we were enjoying our meals, and I managed to give her a silent nod.
▪ Zelah was a good cook and he enjoyed the meal.
▪ All in all, Fred was a good sport and said he enjoyed the meal.
▪ He went down early each morning and jumped up and down in the briny, enjoying every minute of it.
▪ And I give it all I got and enjoy every minute of it.
▪ I got a goal and enjoyed every minute of it.
▪ I am losing my morals down here on this island and yet I am enjoying every single minute of it.
▪ I was allowed to enjoy one glorious minute giving my thoughts on Seattle.
▪ But we were careless and happy and full of fun, and enjoyed every minute of the day.
▪ Steve McFadden, who plays fiery Phil, enjoyed every minute of the dramatic storyline.
▪ Soon the drivers are in their stride and enjoying every minute of it.
▪ Interviews with people who profess to enjoy classical music turn up all sorts and conditions of appreciation.
▪ The irony we often fail to appreciate is that the more justice people enjoy, the fewer crimes they commit.
▪ Over 8,000 people regularly enjoy the benefits of Medau classes - but - only 25% of them belong to the Medau Society.
▪ Conversely, people who enjoy Mystery-Suspense may also like Romantic Mysteries.
▪ But remember that above all it is going to be a place where people are meant to enjoy their food.
▪ I sell books to people who enjoy reading them.
▪ Over 2,000 people enjoy an Avocet Cruise each winter.
▪ It is something people enjoy doing.
▪ Such jobs enjoy a higher status and may be considered more popular and glamorous than others.
▪ The other trainees enjoyed the status of almost free men.
▪ At present, only 2 percent of the country's forests enjoy any protected status.
▪ Nonprofit hospitals enjoy tax-exempt status in exchange for meeting such community needs.
▪ Anglican priests once enjoyed the status of country squires.
▪ In 1977, only 85 people enjoyed this fortunate tax status.
▪ Spinsters and widows enjoyed the legal status of femme sole in which they had control of their own affairs.
▪ True, the movie enjoyed a brief cult status.
▪ And exhibited a number of times at the Salon and enjoyed some success as a member of a prominent artists' organization.
▪ In between Kylie had enjoyed success in a few other minor television roles.
▪ It scared off other pianists until the late 1920s, when Horowitz began to enjoy great success with it.
▪ To be sure, the Amex has enjoyed some successes.
▪ Despite, though also because of, the small size of our school, it enjoys a great deal of running success.
▪ Murfreesboro has enjoyed economic success in recent years.
▪ Relationships - enjoying the support of other people.
▪ The great exodus was on, from city to suburb, aided by developers but also enjoying great public support.
▪ Consequently, these relationships enjoy unrestricted support and protection.
▪ Martin's campaign war chest enjoys strong support from industry, including mine managers and safety officers.
▪ The Socialist project of the Mitterrand government may be dead, but its cultural entrepreneurship continues to enjoy wide popular support.
▪ For 15 years, I have worked for a nonprofit civil-rights organization that regularly enjoys the co-counsel support of major law firms.
▪ Family allowances have never enjoyed unanimous support in the Labour movement.
▪ But Lott appears to enjoy the support of a majority of Senate Republicans, especially conservatives led by Sen.
▪ You enjoy the view and you are stimulated by it.
▪ Like Dora Chance in Wise Children, she enjoyed the view from the wrong side of the tracks.
▪ It is a fine time to sit down and enjoy the view.
▪ You can also enjoy a highly unusual view of the area through the cameraobscura at Foredown Tower and Countryside Centre.
▪ An experienced mountain climber, Gray rested, enjoying lunch and the view.
▪ Watching the other pair struggle, I decided it was better to enjoy the view and convince myself they were incompetent.
▪ We make it through the chute, cross Ca ada del Oro and enjoy the view of colorful changing sycamores.
▪ Will he confirm that that squadron will continue to enjoy old and new opportunities?
▪ Despite his frustrated ambitions, Joe continued to enjoy his work.
▪ May they all long continue to enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with them.
▪ Two recent incidents have led me to question my responses in a job that I continue to enjoy and do well.
▪ Should we take the job in Paris and disrupt the family or stay where we are and continue to enjoy that community?
▪ As long as the country continues to enjoy prosperity sufficient to accommodate both agricultural and industrial sectors large-scale open conflict is unlikely.
▪ For the moment, however, Solidarity and Czechoslovakia's Civic Forum continue to enjoy huge credit.
▪ Find enclosed the member's card for the Cool cats club and two newsletters! hope you enjoy reading!
▪ I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
▪ Founder and director Lesley Scott-Ordish hoped we had enjoyed a good night, and we had.
▪ I hope you are enjoying the trip thus far.
▪ I hope that you enjoy the feature on Goran elsewhere in this issue.
▪ Lois thought again about the poetry course over at the university she had hoped to enjoy in her latter years.
▪ I hope the inhabitants enjoy it as much, Utopia.
▪ To my dearest grandsons: I hope you will enjoy this book when you get older.
▪ But he had how own procedures, and he seemed to enjoy them.
▪ As the evening wore on and audience laughter grew, Cosby seemed loosened and actually seemed to be enjoying himself.
▪ They seemed to enjoy both co-operating with teachers and wielding power over juniors.
▪ It seemed like everything I enjoyed in the world was turning out to be wrong.
▪ He had duly entered the army from school, and seemed to enjoy the life.
▪ Indeed, she laughs and seems to enjoy it.
▪ Festive Food Everyone seems to enjoy special foods at Christmas time - from roast turkey to stuffed dates and other sweet treats.
▪ He seemed to enjoy rather than avoid loud noises.
afford/have/enjoy the luxury of sth
▪ Defenders have the luxury of double-teaming Riley.
▪ In the criminal trial, the prosecution did not have the luxury of depositions.
▪ Is this what women became if afforded the luxury of turned tables?
▪ The human species can no longer afford the luxury of such long double-takes or the leisurely changes of heart of entrenched scientists.
▪ They couldn't afford the luxury of open-market values.
▪ They did have the luxury of hit and run.
▪ We do not have the luxury of thinking our problems will miraculously be solved by better times ahead.
▪ When I painted it was for myself, I could afford the luxury of spending two years on a painting.
love/enjoy/hate etc every minute (of sth)
▪ And even when the tires went flat or the road grew rough, we loved every minute of the journey.
▪ And he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
▪ And I give it all I got and enjoy every minute of it.
▪ But we were careless and happy and full of fun, and enjoyed every minute of the day.
▪ He went down early each morning and jumped up and down in the briny, enjoying every minute of it.
▪ I got a goal and enjoyed every minute of it.
▪ I know we all enjoyed every minute of the three hectic months.
▪ The first mile was pure pain and I hated every minute of it.
▪ Did you enjoy the party?
▪ Greg says he enjoys his new job.
▪ It was a wonderful vacation - we enjoyed every minute of it.
▪ Most of the students said that they had really enjoyed the day out.
▪ My father always enjoyed playing golf at weekends.
▪ Parts of the play were extremely funny. I enjoyed it immensely.
▪ Some of the workers enjoy a relatively high degree of job security.
▪ Thanks for a lovely evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
▪ The park was full of people enjoying themselves in the sunshine.
▪ The team has enjoyed some success this season.
▪ When first introduced on the market, these products enjoyed great success.
▪ Many parents are only too eager to hand their child over to a babysitter and enjoy a well-earned night out.
▪ Now and then he would smile, as though enjoying some dark secret thought.
▪ Successfully managing your business relationships, while making money doing what you enjoy, is one of the great pleasures of life.
▪ The student said that he had actually enjoyed the class, and he refused to testify before a panel.
▪ They enjoy the bright colours and sweet smelling flowers.
▪ They were not even deterred by some afternoon rain but carried on enjoying themselves kitted out in colourful Mickey Mouse ponchos.
▪ Thus those who have substantial property holdings will receive the highest economic rewards and enjoy superior life chances.
▪ With such spontaneous performances the players clearly enjoying themselves - the pieces are easy to enjoy.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Enjoy \En*joy"\, v. i. To take satisfaction; to live in happiness. [R.]


Enjoy \En*joy"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Enjoyed; p. pr. & vb. n. Enjoying.] [OF. enjoier to receive with joy; pref. en- (L. in) + OF. & F. joie joy: cf. OF. enjoir to enjoy. See Joy.]

  1. To take pleasure or satisfaction in the possession or experience of; to feel or perceive with pleasure; to be delighted with; as, to enjoy the dainties of a feast; to enjoy conversation.

  2. To have, possess, and use with satisfaction; to occupy or have the benefit of, as a good or profitable thing, or as something desirable; as, to enjoy a free constitution and religious liberty.

    That the children of Israel may enjoy every man the inheritance of his fathers.
    --Num. xxxvi. 8.

    To enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.
    --Heb. xi. 25.

  3. To have sexual intercourse with.

    To enjoy one's self, to feel pleasure; to be happy.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "rejoice, be glad" (intransitive), from stem of Old French enjoir "to give joy, rejoice, take delight in," from en- "make" (see en- (1)) + joir "enjoy," from Latin gaudere "rejoice" (see joy); Sense of "have the use or benefit of" first recorded early 15c. (replacing Old English brucan, for which see brook (v.)).\n

\nTransitive meaning "take pleasure in" is mid-15c. In modern use it has a tendency to lose its connection with pleasure: newspaper photo captions say someone enjoys an ice cream cone, etc., when all she is doing is eating it, and Wright's "English Dialect Dictionary" (1900) reports widespread use in north and west England of the phrase to enjoy bad health for one who has ailments. Meaning "have sexual relations with" (a woman) is from 1590s. Related: Enjoyed; enjoys; enjoying. To enjoy oneself "feel pleasure or satisfaction in one's mind" attested by 1708.


vb. To receive pleasure or satisfaction from something

  1. v. derive or receive pleasure from; get enjoyment from; take pleasure in; "She relished her fame and basked in her glory" [syn: bask, relish, savor, savour]

  2. have benefit from; "enjoy privileges"

  3. get pleasure from; "I love cooking" [syn: love]

  4. have for one's benefit; "The industry enjoyed a boom" [ant: suffer]

  5. take delight in; "he delights in his granddaughter" [syn: delight, revel]


Enjoy may refer to:

  • Enjoy (play), a comedy by Alan Bennett
  • Enjoy! (Descendents album), or the title song
  • Enjoy! (Jeanette album), or the title song, "Enjoy (Me)"
  • Enjoy, an album by Bob Sinclar
  • Enjoy, a song by Janet Jackson
  • ''Enjoy', a song by Björk from Post
  • Enjoy Records, an American record label
  • Enjoy is a fun thing to do
  • Enjoy (service), an online electronics store with free personal setup
Enjoy (play)

Enjoy is a comedy play written in 1980 by Alan Bennett. An idiosyncratic view of working-class family life in Leeds, a city in the north of England, it was one of the rare theatrical flops in Bennett's career.

An elderly couple living in one of the last back-to-back houses in Leeds encounter a series of jolting surprises, not least when their son returns, as a council official in drag, and reveals that the council intends to demolish their house brick by brick, and reassemble it in the local museum, complete with its occupants.

Following a national tour, directed by Ronald Eyre, it opened at the Vaudeville Theatre, in London's West End on 15 October 1980, but in spite of the stellar cast of Joan Plowright, Colin Blakely, Susan Littler, Marc Sinden, Philip Sayer and Liz Smith (who replaced Joan Hickson during rehearsals), it closed on 6 December 1980.

Twenty-nine years later, a new production of Enjoy toured and then moved to the Gielgud Theatre in January 2009. This time the play was described as "an astonishingly prescient, blackly comic modern classic". Starring Alison Steadman and David Troughton, it reportedly took over £1m in advance ticket sales.

Enjoy (car sharing)

Enjoy is an Italian car sharing service provided by Eni. Enjoy is active in Milan, Turin, Rome, and Florence with a total of more than 1100 cars. The system offers exclusively Fiat 500 vehicles with one-way point-to-point rentals charged by the minute. Cars can be rented wherever parked via a smartphone app.








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Usage examples of "enjoy".

Tim had always found himself especially attuned to the deserted charms of Candie Gardens in winter, enjoying the bare traceries of the trees and the widened harbour view, the few points of colour against the monochrome background - the red and pink of the camellias near the top gate, the hanging yellow bells of the winter-flowering abutilon with their red clappers, even the iridescence of the mallard drake circling the largest of the ponds with his speckled mate.

I was ready to call it quits and give up on the reward and just spend the next few years enjoying a little pre-connubial bliss, she told me that I was all through going to Acme Fertilizer Company and would now be making my pick-ups at the Prime Fish Hatcheries.

Malipiero was a senator, who was unwilling at seventy years of age to attend any more to State affairs, and enjoyed a happy, sumptuous life in his mansion, surrounded every evening by a well-chosen party of ladies who had all known how to make the best of their younger days, and of gentlemen who were always acquainted with the news of the town.

Malipiero would often inquire from me what advantages were accruing to me from the welcome I received at the hands of the respectable ladies I had become acquainted with at his house, taking care to tell me, before I could have time to answer, that they were all endowed with the greatest virtue, and that I would give everybody a bad opinion of myself, if I ever breathed one word of disparagement to the high reputation they all enjoyed.

Smoking, like all drug addiction, is a tug-of-war of fear: the fear of what the drug is doing to us, and the fear of not being able to enjoy or cope with life without it.

Was, as appears elsewhere, a well-conditioned tradesman of Surrey, England, who was both an Adventurer and a MAY-FLOWER Pilgrim, and Martin and himself appear to have been the only ones who enjoyed that distinction.

The Countess, who was an Hungarian, received him with great kindness and affability, and her son was ravished with the prospect of enjoying such a companion.

He was affable to everyone, easy-going, laughing a great deal and giving the impression of enjoying life in every way.

Usually, she enjoyed getting lost in a throng of art aficionados, eavesdropping on the various off-the-cuff critiques, but just then, the crowd loomed like a threatening swarm.

I was especially happy whenever I was sent afield to take the place of some peasant shepherd who was ill or drunk or otherwise incapacitated, for I enjoyed being by myself in the green pastures, and the herding of sheep is no backbreaking job.

Most of the blood still had not returned to his brain, he had been enjoying the afterglow of one of the most erotic, sensual interludes in his life, and this impossible woman had to pick a fight with him, ruining the moment.

Jesus, what was it about this woman, who knew nothing about enjoying the afterglow, that caused him to have a boner ninety-five percent of the time he was in her company?

His interest extended to her afterwork hours also, and she found herself telling him of some of the excursions she and Paul had made, of picnics in the country and water-skiing on the Mississippi, of dinners and plays they had enjoyed.

The princess, for her part, seemed to enjoy the attention of the foreign prince, talking with him animatedly and occasionally even laughing softly, something Ager had never heard her do before.

Negroes of the South by agriculture and domestic service are probably better than are enjoyed by any other class of people in the world.