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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Enfranchisement \En*fran"chise*ment\, n.

  1. Releasing from slavery or custody.

  2. Admission to the freedom of a corporation or body politic; investiture with the privileges of free citizens.

    Enfranchisement of copyhold (Eng. Law), the conversion of a copyhold estate into a freehold.
    --Mozley & W.


n. 1 The act of enfranchise 2 The release from slavery 3 The investiture with any of several municipal privileges 4 (context UK legal English) conversion of a copyhold estate into a freehold

  1. n. freedom from political subjugation or servitude

  2. a statutory right or privilege granted to a person or group by a government (especially the rights of citizenship and the right to vote) [syn: franchise]

  3. the act of certifying or bestowing a franchise on [syn: certification] [ant: disenfranchisement]

Usage examples of "enfranchisement".

Wise man as Mill was he did not foresee that his greatest object, the enfranchisement of women, would be carried at the antipodes long before there was victory either in England or America.

It was too moderate to provoke any enthusiasm, and it was hateful to the old Palmerstonian Whigs and most of the Conservatives, who objected to any enfranchisement of the working class.

Then, below her, out through candescent space, she saw a shadow dart forth along the grass, and to her fright a voice rose, tremulous and clear, seeming to seek enfranchisement beyond the barrier of the dark trees: "My brain is clouded.

The custom afterwards succeeded of granting letters of enfranchisement, and was soon followed by so perfect a harmony between the civil liberty of the people, the privileges of the nobility and clergy, and the prince's prerogative, that I really think there never was in the world a government so well tempered as that of each part of Europe, so long as it lasted.