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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Disenfranchise \Dis`en*fran"chise\, v. t. To disfranchise; to deprive of the rights of a citizen. -- Dis`en*fran"chise*ment, n.


n. Explicit or implicit revocation of, or failure to grant the right to vote, to a person or group of people.


n. the act of withdrawing certification or terminating a franchise [ant: certification]

Usage examples of "disenfranchisement".

Most were deserters from the Roman army, offered a choice between disenfranchisement and a term as a gladiator.

Now the fear was that the Sunnis would be caught in a similar cycle of disenfranchisement, frozen out of a new Iraqi government for all time.

He knows his only hope of avoiding disenfranchisement is to cooperate with me.

The Nobel Prizes are going to give operants increased status you know help us to face down Baumgartner and the witch-burning yahoos the Court will rule in our favor it's got to we're citizens and the Benson Act is de facto disenfranchisement.