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n. (plural of em English)

Ems (river)

The Ems (; ) is a river in northwestern Germany. It runs through the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, and discharges into the Dollart Bay which is part of the Wadden Sea. Its total length is . The state border between the Lower Saxon area of East Friesland (Germany) and the province of Groningen (Netherlands), whose exact course is the subject of a border dispute between Germany and the Netherlands, runs through the Ems estuary.


Ems or EMS may refer to:

EMS (pharmaceuticals)

EMS is the biggest domestic pharmaceutical company in Brazil,. Founded in the mid-1950s, the company has two industrial plants based in São Bernardo do Campo and Hortolândia, in the state of São Paulo.

EMS operates through five divisions:

  • EMS Similars - markets similares; a class of pharmaceuticals peculiar to the Brazilian market. Not generics but not original brands either;
  • EMS Generics - markets generics;
  • EMS Sigma Pharma - markets branded medicines;
  • EMS Hospital - markets drugs to hospitals;
  • EMS Consumer - markets OTC drugs.

Today the company has a presence in over 30 countries through joint-ventures and strategic partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies.

EMS's Brazilian main competitors are Hypermarcas, Eurofarma, Aché and Cristália.

Usage examples of "ems".

Around the hump of the Groningen peninsula, the Ems and Jade never gave access to more than tidal inlets.

They rolled them into position, and roped the wheels together with rawhide ri ems to prevent the Nguni pushing them aside and forcing a breach.

For the maintenance of the wagons there were two drums of tar to be mixed with animal fat to grease the wheel hubs, heavy coils of rawhide trek ropes, ri ems and straps, yokes and yoke-pins, lynch-pins for the wheel hubs, rolls of canvas and coir matting to repair the tents.

Out of the dusk the EMS van approached, a futile carnivalesque expression of color and noise.

Soon a city EMS team arrived and, after Sachs checked their IDs, went to work on the lawyer, clearing his airway and getting a neck brace around him then strapping him onto a backboard, which they placed on a gurney.

It was only a mild jolt of EMS, that didnt even heat the brass buttons on my fancy suit, but it put my tub into a tumble and blew every soft circuit aboard.

But after no more than a moment's gravity he joined in the general congratulation and then told them (not without a certain satisfaction, having suffered much from cat-harpins and nether dog-pawls) that pica was the type that gave you six ems to the inch, and that all books, folio, quarto, octavo, duodecimo or even less, took their dimensions from the original sheets, folded twice, four times, eight times and so on, as the case might be, the original sheets having themselves various sizes and names, as foolscap, crown, quad crown, double quad crown, post, demy, royal and many more.

We also popped open all the overhead compartments, and in one of them, Kate found a silver fire suit, fire ax, and an oxygen pack with a fire mask, all of which obviously belonged to the dead EMS guy.

From the look of the shredded car, I was surprised the only injury I saw was a black eye and fat lip on the pissed-off-looking pop star, Mercedes, who stormed by with an EMS medic, and not a word of thanks to anybody.