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Emden, IL -- U.S. village in Illinois
Population (2000): 515
Housing Units (2000): 226
Land area (2000): 0.225988 sq. miles (0.585306 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.225988 sq. miles (0.585306 sq. km)
FIPS code: 23971
Located within: Illinois (IL), FIPS 17
Location: 40.297772 N, 89.485267 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 62635
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Emden, IL

Emden is a town and seaport in Lower Saxony in the northwest of Germany, on the river Ems. It is the main town of the region of East Frisia and, in 2011, had a total population of 51,528.

Emden (crater)

Emden is a lunar crater that is located in the northern hemisphere on the far side of the Moon. It is named after Jacob Robert Emden (1862-1940).

The crater lies to the northwest of the larger crater Rowland, and to the east-northeast of Tikhov. It has been heavily damaged by subsequent impacts, leaving the rim worn and irregular and the interior partly covered by craters. The western half of the rim in particular is heavily damaged, with almost the entire edge and inner wall covered by overlapping craters. The most prominent of these is a crater along the southern wall. There is a merged crater pair on the western part of the interior floor and a joined crater pair on the northeast floor. The most intact area of floor is in the southeast, although even here the surface is pitted by multiple tiny craterlets.

Emden (disambiguation)

Emden is a city in Lower Saxony.

Emden may also refer to:

Usage examples of "emden".

Germain had gone by Emden and had embarked for England, where he had arrived in safety.

One was the Klein-Nishina scattering formula, and the other was an old equation for something called an Emden polytrope, in an odd notation.

Moves into a comfortable apartment in Emden and takes out several patents on a type of dental cement which he invented and which he manufactures with his wife and a servant.

An engineer from Bremen was the principal mover, and a few men from Norderney and Emden subscribed the capital.

Delfzyl, on the Dutch side, dries at low water, and Emden, the principal German port, can only be reached by a lock and a mile of canal.

Even the heaviest battleships could approach within striking distance of the land, while cruisers and military transports could penetrate to the level of Emden itself.

I had chosen to break the journey farther back, two hours at either Emden or Leer would still have enabled me to catch the said express at Rheine.

I was an English seaman, going to Emden to join a ship, with a ticket as far as the frontier.

In a moment I remembered that page in the North Sea Pilot where the Ems-Jade Canal is referred to as deep enough to carry gun-boats, and as used for that strategic purpose between Wilhelmshaven and Emden, along the base, that is, of the Frisian peninsula.

This train, as the reader who was with me in it knows, was in correspondence with another from Emden and the south, and also, I now found, with services from Hanover, Bremen, and Berlin.

Off Emden, where the Dutch coast joins the German, she dropped some grappling gear overboard with a dull splash, and shortly there rose dripping from the sea great snakelike monsters, covered with mud and seaweed.

Mosquito flew to the Dutch coast - making its landfall at Texel - and then on into Germany, reaching the Oldenburg area before flying out again over Emden to the North Sea.

The French follow him, and take Minden and Emden, and lay Hanover under Contribution.

The Diesel oil engine, which is regarded as the ideal power-producing engine for submarines, has been developed to its highest state of efficiency by Germany, and is made at the famous Krupp gun works, the great engine works in Augsburg, Emden and Nuremburg, and other less well-known places in Germany.

German ship Emden, and her trip to Australian waters, with the object of carrying on the work of destruction which had marked her career in South American waters.