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Elna (Swiss company)

Elna is a Swiss company which produces sewing machines. Known for quality, the Elna sewing machines and overlockers became a standard fixture in sewing and alterations factories. During the World Expo 88, all costume design was done on Elna TSP (Blue Tops as they were known as).

In the 2000s, Elna was taken over by a Japanese company called Janome, with models now being a rebadged Janome.

When it comes to spare parts, a majority of items are still available. Contact your local Elna or Janome dealership and that and that can affect parts availability for the older machines.

Popular models:

  • TSP (Top Special Edition)
  • SP (Special Edition)
  • SU (Supermatic)
  • Lotus - Portable model
  • Stella - Electronic portable model
Elna (Japanese company)

Elna Co. Ltd is a Japanese manufacturer of electrolytic and electric double layer capacitors. It also produces custom printed circuit boards for OEM use. The company took on the name "Elna" when it acquired Elna Electronics Co. in March 1968. However, the company was established in 1937, though not under the name "Elna". Elna's headquarters is located in Yokohama, Japan.


Elna or ELNA may refer to:

  • Elna (Swiss company), a Swiss manufacturer of sewing machines
  • Elna (Japanese company), a Japanese electronics company
  • Elna, California, a former settlement in California, USA
  • Elna, Kentucky, an unincorporated community in Johnson County, Kentucky, USA
  • Elne, a town in Catalonia known as Elna in Catalan
  • Esperanto-USA, formally Esperanto League of North America