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sewing machines

n. (sewing machine English)

Usage examples of "sewing machines".

Delia, because she wanted the kids to realize that they really weren't in a position to just build the sewing machines in their back yard, that the game was starting to get real.

They'll want a repeat of the sewing machines, with a quick and high payoff.

He has to put out a rat cage last thing, usually baited with a few bits of bread, crusts and scraps of food the workers bring for the lunch they must eat at their sewing machines.

This leads to all sorts of spin-off ideas: false testimony by suborned sewing machines who accuse innocent men unfairly.

Probably, like one of my previous wives, certain sewing machines would complain that the pills made them overweight -- or rather, in their case, that it made them sew irregular stitches.

And there would be unreliable sewing machines that would forget to take their birth control pills.

And, last but not least, there would have to be Planned Parenthood clinics at which sewing machines just off the assembly lines would be counseled as to the dangers of promiscuity, with severe warnings of venereal diseases visited on such immoral machines by an outraged God -- Himself, no doubt, able to sew .

Well, you believe it, we went over there, went inside, there was a lot of people standing around, a nice cafeteria, big stainless steel vats for dyeing, sewing machines and cutting tables.

The sewing machines whirred frantically under the tread of tired seamstresses or their flitting hands.

At the near end of the factory were rows of workers at Singer sewing machines, their knees rising and falling as they pumped the mechanism, their hands working in flat opposition to one another, going rapidly this way then that, as though adjusting the pressure on a huge tap.

The third wall was taken up by a large worktable, two commercial sewing machines, two dressmaker's forms, and a tailor's form cast from the very torso of Jame Gumb.

Occasionally a leftover forest would coast into view and then out again-twisted bare trees, trunks ripped by lightning, Ws covered with vines, tangled raspy bushes and beer cans, whisky bqttles, rusted carburetors, sewing machines, and armchairs.

The two sewing teachers, Miss Alison and Miss Ellen Kerr, seemed rather cowed by gaunt Miss Gaunt, and applied themselves briskly to the sewing machines which they were teaching the girls to use.

The shuttle of the sewing machines went up and down, which usually caused Sandy and Jenny to giggle, since at that time everything that could conceivably bear a sexual interpretation immediately did so to them.