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masc. proper name, in Old Testament, the name of a high priest of Israel, teacher of Samuel, from Hebrew, literally "high."


Eli or ELI may refer to:

Eli (biblical figure)

Eli (, meaning "Ascent" or "[God is the most] high", "[God on] high"; Ēli; ) was, according to the Books of Samuel, a High Priest of Shiloh.

Eli (Xena: Warrior Princess)

Eli is a fictional character from the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. He is portrayed by American actor Timothy Omundson. He was loosely based on Jesus.

Eli (name)

Eli is a masculine given name of Hebrew origin, from Biblical "ascent", the name of Eli, the high priest in the Books of Samuel. It came to be used as a given name among the Puritans in the 17th century and was by them taken to the American colonies.

Alternatively, Eli may be an unrelated abbreviation of Hebrew names such as Elijah, Elisha, Eliezer, Elimelech, etc., all containing the element , meaning "my God".

In the United States, the popularity of the given name Eli was hovering around rank 200 in the 1880s. It declined gradually during the late 19th and early-to-mid 20th centuries, falling below rank 700 in 1964. In a significant revival of the name's popularity in the early 1970s, it bounced back above rank 400 in 1976. Its popularity has continued to grow since then, entering the top 100 masculine given names in the 2000s, and ranking as 43rd most popular given name as of 2013.

Eli and Elin are also short forms for the feminine name Helena used in Scandinavia.

Eli (Jan Akkerman album)

Eli is the fourth solo album by the Dutch guitarist Jan Akkerman. It appeared under the name "Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux". The track "Strindberg" was written as a tribute to August Strindberg's works. A departure from the progressive rock that Focus (Akkerman's previous band) produced, "Eli" is a concept album with elements of jazz, pop, and funk intermixed. It won the Netherlands' Edison Award in 1976 for Best Album.

Eli (Supernaut album)

Eli is the fourth studio album by the Serbian alternative rock band Supernaut, released by Automatik Records in 2006. The album, for which the cover was designed by Srđan Marković "Đile", was elected the fifth best album of the year 2006 on the webzine Popboks annual list. The album featured guest appearance by former Profili Profili and Laibach drummer Dragoslav Radojković "Draža".

ELI (programming language)

ELI is an interactive array programming language system based on APL. It has the most of functionalities of ISO APL standard. In addition to classical APL, ELI features list for non-homogeneous or non-rectangular data, complex numbers, symbols, temporal data, and control structures. A scripting file facility helps a user to easily organize programs in a fashion similar to using #include in C, which also provides convenient data input/output. Moreover, ELI has dictionaries, tables and a basic set of SQL-like statements. For performance, ELI offers a compiler restricted to flat array programs.

By replacing each APL character with one or two ASCII characters, ELI retains APL’s succinct and expressive way of doing array programming, i.e. compared with MATLAB or Python, ELI encourages a dataflow style of programming where the output of one operation feeds the input of another that results in greater productivity and clarity of code.

ELI is free and available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Eli (2015 film)

Eli (English: Rat) is a 2015 Indian Tamil-language spy comedy film written and directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan. The film features Vadivelu and Sadha in the lead roles. Vidyasagar composed the film's music. Eli was released on 19 June 2015 to negative reviews.

Usage examples of "eli".

Further she went, past the Cruni and Chalcis, and thither past Dyme, Finally leaving behind brilliant Elis, controlled by the Epei.

Eli had had a lot of friends in LOD, the original LOD, back before Goggans took control.

Paul would put his share in a fund for his children but Hidey and Eli would need theirs to sustain themselves during their two-year suspension.

Lieutenant Nule stared at Eli, awaiting the order to launch missiles, looking like a man set on fire.

Eli, somber, shuffling, mantled in rabbinical gloom, a stoop-shouldered personification of the Wailing Wall, two thousand years of sorrow on his back.

Eli thought he was going to crush the snifter of brandy between his suddenly quaking hands.

We may have lived in the same town, but you had no idea what it was like to be a Stockard, Eli.

Pioch, Indianapolis, Indiana assignor, to Eli Lilly and Co Indianapolis, Indiana, a corporation of Indiana.

Instead, Eli Strone was deeply preoccupied at a pulsed-laser bacterial sorter, a processing sieve that separated out desirable species from the unwanted ones.

Banes Merse and Alnar, and Elien and Criah, both from the FlatRock Clan, and Relm, from the Pine Walk Clan.

Asylum: from El-Ees, Elis, Elissa, Eleusis, Eleusinia Sacra, Elysium, Elysii campi in Egypt and elsewhere.

William Swayne, alias Willie the Twig, the forestry officer from the plantations beyond the Hallowmount, had driven down in the Land-Rover, Eli Platt had closed his by-pass fruit and flower stands early, and come in from the market-garden on the fringe of Comerbourne, Joe Lyon, smelling warmly of his own sheep, steamed gently by the fire with a pint of home-brewed in one hand.

Philonides, the courier of Alexander the Great, who in nine hours traversed the distance between the Greek cities Sicyone and Elis, a distance of over 150 miles.

Captain Eli Stormfield is due to be more heavily bemedaled than any other hero in world history.

Eli Camperdown and what he and others would like is for you -to describe some of your selling experiences-from a feminine point of view.