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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also electro-magnetic, 1821; see electro- + magnetic.


a. Of or pertaining to electromagnetism.


adj. pertaining to or exhibiting magnetism produced by electric charge in motion; "electromagnetic energy"


Usage examples of "electromagnetic".

The positronic cannon of the DIED ships were sometimes called Auger guns because of their use of a variation on the Auger effect by which suitably excited atoms emit, instead of electromagnetic radiation or an electron, an antielectron, or positron.

In theory, modulated gravity waves should alternately blueshift and redshift electromagnetic radiation.

I make the assumption that cheap nanotube manufacture requires zero gravity, and so we have to build a large and expensive electromagnetic launch system to get the raw carbon up to a factory in geosynchronous Earth orbit.

My intention was to reach a position far enough from Kedge-Lockaby so that I would not disrupt electromagnetic systems on its surface when I made my hyperspatial leap, yet close enough to the planet so that it would eclipse the dazzling EM pulse of my ultraluminal crossover from the rinky-dink sensors of the tender.

The electromagnetic noise, emitted unequally from many places on the planet, intensified considerably, as if hundreds of maxwellian transmitters had been turned on at once.

EXISTS only as an abstraction exerting influence in the real world, a force acting upon imagination, a psychosocial web of hidden WILLS, a summation of biological, genetic, electromagnetic, microbiotic, social, pedagogic, psychological, karmic, cosmic, mythic, internal and external FORCES, a living IDEA, a socially-engineered MOON-CHILD, lurking around corners, creeping out of shadows, spilling from dreams, a macro-cabal whose roster includes not only the obvious -- Richard Nixon, the Vatican, ITT -- but also others preferring to remain silent and unseen.

Prompt radiation, superstellar temperatures, electromagnetic pulse, thermal pulse, blast overpressure, fallout, disease, loss of immunity, cold, dark, contamination, inherited deformity, ozone depletion: with what hysterical ferocity, with what farcical disproportion, do nuclear weapons loathe human life.

Thirty-one years later, a human technician, his arms loaded with instruments, had crossed the moat to detect and measure plasmodial, biochemical, and electromagnetic fields in the ring.

What humans call light and microwaves are only different regions in the electromagnetic spectrum, so resize and recalibrate new semiconductor structures to emit microwaves.

As they passed through the entrance, Roads noted the tingling, skin-crawling sensation of security scanners, electromagnetic fingers that reached through their clothes to search for the telltale shapes of concealed weapons.

The test had been designed in consultation with UP military and UPIA experts, whose most advanced experimental jammers and spoofers could not fool even a fraction of the electromagnetic probes just deployed.

Electromagnetic rails in the underdeck crackled, firing a pulsed salvo of solid projectiles made of superdense depleted uranium.

In fact, although we have focused on the electron, this discussion applies equally well to all electrically charged particles and is summarized by saying that quantum effects drive the strength of the electromagnetic force to get larger when examined on shorter distance scales.

In the end, two particles are fired at each other, they interact through the electromagnetic force, and finally they emerge on deflected trajectories, a sequence of events that bears some similarity to our description of colliding billiard balls.

The Radar Division aimed detectors at Society 362 and searched the electromagnetic spectrum around it.