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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ An electrocardiogram showed right heart strain.
▪ His electrocardiogram showed sinus rhythm with widespread ST-T wave abnormalities.
▪ Patterns of breathing and electrocardiograms were also examined.
▪ The electrocardiogram provides a graphic indication of the membrane effects of altered potassium concentrations.
▪ The electrocardiogram will confirm sinus bradycardia.
▪ The continuous recording of electrocardiogram and from it instantaneous heart rate was particularly valuable during events.
▪ The graph paper is useful for the teaching of electrocardiograms.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

cardiogram \car"di*o*gram`\, n. [Gr. kardi`a heart + -gram.] (Physiol.) Any instrumental record made of heart activity, especially the curve or tracing made by a cardiograph. Sometimes used synonymously with electrocardiogram.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1904, from electro- + cardiogram.


n. (context cardiology English) The visual output that an electrocardiograph produces


n. a graphical recording of the cardiac cycle produced by an electrocardiograph [syn: cardiogram, EKG, ECG]

Usage examples of "electrocardiogram".

It could not be anything serious: the electroencephalograms and electrocardiograms were perfectly normal.

O'Connor, and the dates those tests were first described in clinically practi­cal terms: X ray: chest and abdomen (1905-15) White cell count (about 1895) Serum acetone (1928) Amylase (1948) Calcium (1931) Phosphorus (1925) SCOT (1955) LDH (1956) CPK (1961) John O'Connor 45 Aldolase (1949) Lipase (1934) CSF protein (1931) CSF sugar (1932) Blood sugar (1932) Bilirubin (1937) Serum albumin/globulin (1923-38) Electrolytes (1941-6) Electrocardiogram (about 1915) Prothrombin time (1940) Blood pH (1924-57) Blood gases (1957) Protein-bound iodine (1948) Alkaline phosphatase (1933) Watson-Schwartz (1941) Creatinine (1933) Uric acid (1933) If one were to graph these tests, and others com­monly used, against the total time course of med­ical history, one would see a flat line for more than two thousand years, followed by a slight rise be­ginning about 1850, and then an ever-sharper rise to the present time.

There was also a large TV screen for basic operative parameters: electrocardiogram, peripheral arterial pressure, respirations, cardiac output, central venous pressure, rectal temperature.

There were a lot of aberrant cardiac rhythm patterns, but it appeared that Ann might have a genetic predisposition to suffer from a disorder called long QT syndrome, named for a characteristic abnormal long wave in the electrocardiogram.

Tubes and wires of an IV and an electrocardiogram sprang from his body like thin exterior organs and the lump by his hip beneath the bedsheets suggested he was also hooked up to a colostomy bag.

The electrocardiogram measures electrical currents within the heart muscle—.

Once, when the palpitations were particularly frightening, my doctor arranged for me to have an electrocardiogram, but the results provided no explanation.