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EKS may refer to:

  • EKS (satellite system) , an advanced Russian early warning satellite programme.
  • Internationalist Communist Left (Enternasyonalist Kom√ľnist Sol), a former Turkish political party.
  • EKS (company), a Finnish disk jockey hardware manufacturer.
EKS (company)

EKS is a Finnish DJ ( disk jockey) hardware manufacturer, nowadays best known for their Otus product line. Originally founded in 1955 as Voimaradio Oy, EKS was one of the first companies to introduce digital DJ systems to the market with the XP10 DJ interface in 2001.

EKS (satellite system)

EKS (reportedly standing for meaning Unified Space System) ( GRAU designation: 14F142) is a developing programme of Russian early warning satellites as a replacement for the US-KMO and US-K satellites of the Oko programme. These satellites identify ballistic missile launches from outer space and complement early warning radars such as the Voronezh. This gives advance notice of a nuclear attack and would provide information to the A-135 missile defence system which protects Moscow, as well as other Russian missile defense and counterattack resources. Six satellites are planned to be initially orbited. The first of them was launched on November 17, 2015.