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EJ may refer to:

  • East Jerusalem
  • Electronic journalism, an old name for electronic news gathering
  • Electro jockey, an individual who uses computers and MIDI devices to mix music as opposed to using records or CD's.
  • Environmental justice
  • exajoule, an SI unit of energy equal to 10 joules
  • External jugular vein
  • Expansion joint, architectural/mechanical/structural terms
EJ (company)

EJ (formerly known as East Jordan Iron Works or EJIW) is a company based in East Jordan, Michigan. The company is a manufacturer and distributor of iron construction castings and infrastructure access products worldwide. In 2007 the company was awarded the National Utility Contractors Association Associate of the year award.

EJ (singer)

EJ is a female pop/ urban singer based in London currently signed to Epic Records, Sony.