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The Collaborative International Dictionary

eightsome \eight"some\ n. eight people considered as a unit; as, there was an eightsome ahead of us on the golf course.

Syn: octet, octette.

2. a Scottish reel for eight dancers.


n. A group of eight persons or things, one more than a sevensome and one less than a ninesome

  1. n. eight people considered as a unit [syn: octet, octette]

  2. a Scottish reel for eight dancers

Usage examples of "eightsome".

Kirsty was to be my partner in the first eightsome, and she jilted me, by gad--looked through me when I went to claim her--and danced all night with that rotten lordling.

Alison, with the assistance of her gramophone, in the movements of the foursome and the eightsome reels.

He could hear an accordion band playing the strains of an eightsome reel.

The accordionist stopped, announced an eightsome reel, and then struck up again.

The Dawes Glee Club, the Dawes Bible Study Class, the Dawes Ethics Society, the Dawes Scottish Reel and Eightsome Group.

In the more stately dances done to tunes almost as solemn as church music, and steps performed in formal pattern, ladies and gentlemen danced in pairs and though the pairs mingled, forming foursomes and eightsomes, the partners always came back to one another and at the end exchanged the kiss with which most dances concluded.