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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
six-footer/eighteen-footer etc
▪ Bobby was eighteen, nineteen, something like that.
▪ Six had been killed in action, eighteen had died in service, and thirty-six had been wounded.
▪ The remaining eighteen were likely to resist for a variety of reasons.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eighteen \Eight"een`\ ([=a]"t[=e]n`), a. [AS. eahtat[=y]ne, eahtat[=e]ne. See Eight, and Ten, and cf. Eighty.] Eight and ten; as, eighteen pounds.


Eighteen \Eight"een`\, n.

  1. The number greater by a unit than seventeen; eighteen units or objects.

  2. A symbol denoting eighteen units, as 18 or xviii.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., eightene, earlier ahtene (c.1200), from Old English eahtatiene, eahtatyne; see eight + -teen. Cognate with Old Frisian schtatine, Old Saxon ahtotian, Dutch achttien, Old High German ahtozehan, German achtzehn, Old Norse attjan, Swedish adertån.


num. The cardinal number occurring after seventeen and before nineteen, represented in Roman numerals as XVIII and in Arabic numerals as 18.

  1. adj. being one more than seventeen [syn: 18, xviii]

  2. n. the cardinal number that is the sum of seventeen and one [syn: 18, XVIII]

Eighteen (film)

Eighteen is a 2005 Canadian drama film written and directed by Richard Bell.

Eighteen (CLC song)

Eighteen is a special digital single by the South Korean girl group, CLC. It was released April 5, 2015 by Cube Entertainment, and was later included on CLC's third extended play, Refresh.

Usage examples of "eighteen".

Ann they had both been aboad a bus cruising at eighteen miles an hour along the sixty-lane freeway that ran from Bear Canyon to Pasadena, near the middle of Los Angeles.

It is only now, some eighteen years later, that increasing numbers of experts are beginning to realize that it is the psychological state of the individual addict that counts and not the substance itself My accumulated knowledge of drug addiction comes from eighteen years of dealing with and answering effectively the questions and worries of the addicted.

Change until adulthood, usually between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one, a human bitten by a werewolf was a werewolf immediately, regardless of his age.

The alembic in the top was about eighteen inches high and had some unidentifiable blackened mass inside.

After action and contemplation I left her as amorous as she had been eighteen years before, but my passion found too many new objects to remain constant long.

It looked as if we were walking right against the towering ice wall, but when we were within a yard or two of it a narrow cleft, only eighteen inches wide, and wonderfully masked by an ice column, showed to the left, and into this we squeezed ourselves, the entrance by which we had come appearing to close up instantly we had gone a pace or two, so perfectly did the ice walls match each other.

That was because his father had known the laws of engineering and had opened the sluices at the head of the aqueduct exactly eighteen hours before the ceremony was due to reach its climax, and had ridden back into the city faster than the water could chase him.

Chapter Eighteen CASTRA PARVULORUM The Duke of the North Ridings had spent the night at the Rectory, and both he and the Archdeacon had slept soundly, though it was rather late before they got to bed.

This large hut, eighteen feet wide by twenty-three feet long, yielded a fairly large quantity of coarse black and brown pottery, one badly corroded bronze bangle, and two small fragments of celadon china.

I begged Desarmoises to be my croupier, and I began to deal with due deliberation to eighteen or twenty punters, all professional gamblers.

With eighteen minutes of fuel showing on the meter, Bluey let out a shout.

The latter says that La Boetie composed the work as a prize declamation at the age of sixteen or eighteen.

Eighteen blocks north, at Manhattan Base, Ronnie Bucca heard the noise.

Blades, eighteen years old and already in training for a cadetship, only laughed.

At the age of eighteen he applied for a cadetship at the Military Academy at West Point, and received it direct from President Andrew Jackson himself.