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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a clock strikes eight/nine etc (=makes eight/nine etc sounds according to the hour)
▪ In the distance I heard a church clock strike eleven.
figure of eight
five/eight etc hours’ sleep
▪ After eight hours’ sleep, I woke up in pitch blackness.
the clock says eight/nine etc (=shows a particular time)
▪ The clock said five so I went back to sleep.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eight \Eight\ ([=a]t), a. [AS. eahta; akin to OS. ahto, OFries. achta, D. & G. acht, OHG. ahto, Icel. [=a]tta, Sw. [*a]tta, Dan. otte, Goth. ahtau, Lith. aszt[*u]ni, Ir. & Gael. ochd, W. wyth, Armor. eich, eiz, L. octo, Gr. 'oktw`, Skr. ash[.t]an. [root]306. Cf. Octave.] Seven and one; as, eight years.


Eight \Eight\ ([=a]t), n. [See Ait.] An island in a river; an ait. [Obs.] ``Osiers on their eights.''


Eight \Eight\ ([=a]t), n.

  1. The number greater by a unit than seven; eight units or objects.

  2. A symbol representing eight units, as 8 or viii.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., eighte, earlier ehte (c.1200), from Old English eahta, æhta, from Proto-Germanic *ahto (cognates: Old Saxon ahto, Old Frisian ahta, Old Norse atta, Swedish åtta, Dutch acht, Old High German Ahto, German acht, Gothic ahtau), from PIE *okto(u) "eight" (cognates: Sanskrit astau, Avestan ashta, Greek okto, Latin octo, Old Irish ocht-n, Breton eiz, Old Church Slavonic osmi, Lithuanian aštuoni). From the Latin word come Italian otto, Spanish ocho, Old French oit, Modern French huit.\n

\nFor spelling, see fight (v.). Meaning "eight-man crew of a rowing boat" is from 1847. The Spanish piece of eight (1690s) was so called because it was worth eight reals (see piece (n.)). Figure (of) eight as the shape of a race course, etc., attested from c.1600. To be behind the eight ball "in trouble" (1932) is a metaphor from shooting pool. Eight hours as the ideal length of a fair working day is recorded by 1845.


Etymology 1 alt. 1 (context cardinal English) A numerical value equal to 8; the number occurring after seven and before nine. 2 Describing a set or group with eight components. n. 1 The digit/figure 8. 2 (context playing cards English) Any of the four cards in a normal deck with the value ''eight.'' 3 (context nautical English) A light, narrow rowing boat, especially one used in competitive rowing, steered by a cox, in which a eight rowers each have two oars 4 (context rowing especially in plural English) A race in which such craft participate num. 1 (context cardinal English) A numerical value equal to 8; the number occurring after seven and before nine. 2 Describing a set or group with eight components. Etymology 2

n. An island in a river; an ait.


adj. being one more than seven [syn: 8, viii]

  1. n. the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one [syn: 8, VIII, eighter, eighter from Decatur, octad, ogdoad, octonary, octet]

  2. a group of United States painters founded in 1907 and noted for their realistic depictions of sordid aspects of city life [syn: Ashcan School]

Eight (New Model Army album)

Eight was released in 2000 and is the eighth studio album by British rock band, New Model Army. Following the departure of Robert Heaton, Michael Dean and Dean White were recruited into the band, who also co-producedEight with Justin Sullivan.

Eight (1998 film)

Eight is a 13-minute, 1998 short film directed by Stephen Daldry, written by Tim Clague and produced by Working Title Films.

Eight (Japanese band)

Eight (sometimes typeset as √eight or THE EIGHT) was a Japanese visual kei rock band from Hokkaido. They were formed in 2004 by Nachi and Kyotaro after Nachi's previous band Werkmare had disbanded. The band used to be signed to Nachi's own label, Relative+Heart. They disbanded in early 2010.

Eight (rowing)

An eight is a rowing boat used in the sport of competitive rowing. It is designed for eight rowers, who propel the boat with sweep oars, and is steered by a coxswain, or "cox".

Each of the eight rowers has one oar. There are four rowers on the stroke side (rower's right hand side) and four on the bow side (rower's lefthand side). The cox steers the boat using a rudder and is normally seated at the stern of the boat. Because of the speed of the boat, it is generally considered unsafe to row coxless or to have a bowloader cox.

Racing boats (often called "shells") are long, narrow, and broadly semi-circular in cross-section in order to reduce drag to a minimum. Originally made from wood, shells are now almost always made from a composite material (usually carbon-fibre reinforced plastic) for strength and weight advantages. Eights have a fin towards the rear, to help prevent roll and yaw and to help the rudder. The riggers are staggered alternately along the boat so that the forces apply asymmetrically to each side of the boat. If the boat is sculled by rowers each with two oars the combination is referred to as an octuple scull. In a scull boat, the riggers apply forces symmetrically. A sweep oared boat has to be stiffer to handle the unmatched forces, and so requires more bracing, which means it has to be heavier and slower than an equivalent sculling boat. However octuple sculls are not used in main competitions.

"Eight" is one of the classes recognized by the International Rowing Federation and one of the events in the Olympics. The first Olympic eights race was held in 1900 and won by the United States.

Eight (Do As Infinity album)

Eight is the eighth studio album by Japanese band Do As Infinity, released on January 19, 2011. Of the twelve music tracks on the album, four were previously released on three of Do As Infinity's singles. Two different editions of the album were released: a regular CD version and a CD+DVD limited edition. The DVD contained music videos for three songs and a short documentary.

Between September 1 and October 31, 2009, the second installment of a contest called Do! Creative!! was held to give Do As Infinity fans a chance to compose songs that the band would later perform. Of the songs received, "Everything Will Be All Right" composed by Shohei Ohi was selected to be placed on Eight.

Eight (play)

Eight is the first play written by Ella Hickson. Hickson created eight monologues ready to air at Edinburgh's Fringe Festival in August 2008. These monologue (of 15 minutes each) offer a state-of-the-nation group portrait. The official website for the performance describes it as "looking at what has happened to a generation that have grown up in a world where everything has become acceptable."

Eight was formed around the results of a survey that asked twenty-somethings what defined their generation; Hickson tried to answer their almost unanimous response of ‘apathy’, with a show that works to find the glimmers of faith amidst wholesale cynicism. Eight looks at the singular, personal effect of an otherwise social phenomenon.

Usage examples of "eight".

Mishani would never have believed it possible - not only that Lucia had been allowed to reach eight harvests of age in the first place, but also that the Empress was foolish enough to think the high families would allow an Aberrant to rule Saramyr.

Knackstedt has seen an abscess of the thigh which contained eight pounds of milk.

There were eight runners that day, a pleasant sized field, and Abseil was second favourite.

The first eight were spent accelerating, and then the blazing antimatter torches were turned toward the enemy and a deceleration began.

Four months after he arrived at Bangkok, at the age of eight, he spoke fluent, accentless Thai.

Not long after his departure--that is, between eight and nine--the boy was taken ill and put into bed with all the violent symptoms which are invariably produced by that most deadly of vegetable poisons, aconitine, and he died at twenty minutes past eleven the same night.

Seven or eight days afterwards, Paterno told me that the actress had related the affair to him exactly in the same words which I had used, and she had added that, if I had ceased my visits, it was only because I was afraid of her taking me at my word in case I should renew my proposal.

Shaped like an enormous spider and forged from solid adamantine, it balanced on eight curved legs.

There are several telephones, seven or eight chairs, two racks on wheels that contain all the charts, and an Addressograph machine used when we order lab studies, X-rays, or tests on patients.

Arguments that may now be adduced to prove that the first eight Amendments were concealed within the historic phrasing of the Fourteenth Amendment were not unknown at the time of its adoption.

Pax or Ouster or Aenean elements without considering that we would meet up with humansor former humanssome eight thousand light-years outside the known sphere of human space.

He recalled in his affidavit some of these reports of conditions in eight camps inhabited by Russian and Polish workers : overcrowding that bred disease, lack of enough food to keep a man alive, lack of water, lack of toilets.

The aft lines were now cut but that still left six or eight more up forward.

After eight long years of pain and fear, she now knew why her body turned traitor on her, beginning with an overwhelming arousal and ending with a bleak, almost agonizing pain before slowly diminishing.

The tomb is recessed in the wall of the aisle, and consists of a lower storey for the coffin with a flat top, with a front of open stone work in eight divisions, each containing a quatrefoil.