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Ehenye is a village on the edge of the town, of Oshakati, Namibia. The village was formed in the 1950s by people who were forcefully removed from Erundu (as Oshakati was known by then) by the South African apartheid regime to pave way for the development of the town.The village has approximately 58 homestead and the population of 400 people, of which 45% of the population are eldelry people over the age of 50. The village has a primary school known as Ehenye PS which was established in 1997,the school is having 15 teachers, 470 students and its from grade 1-7. Since moving to Ehenye village, villagers has been living in peace and harmony until 1992, when the Oshakati town council approached them for the first time concerning their land.