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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Effluvium \Ef*flu"vi*um\, n.; pl. Effluvia. [L., a flowing out, fr. effluere to flow out. See Effluent, a.] Subtile or invisible emanation; exhalation perceived by the sense of smell; especially, noisome or noxious exhalation; as, the effluvium from diseased or putrefying bodies, or from ill drainage.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Latin plural of effluvium. Sometimes mistaken for a singular and re-pluralized.


n. (plural of effluvium English)


See effluvium

  1. n. a foul-smelling outflow or vapor (especially a gaseous waste)

  2. [also: effluvia (pl)]

Usage examples of "effluvia".

Carole could step around the flowers, Effluvia imperiously held her hand aloft, waved them aside, raised her tail, and proceeded to make it most expedient for them to circumvent the patch by a fields length.

How very convenient that Effluvia should have a boat here just when she needed one.

High Priest appeared nonplussed when Effluvia had herself announced and then pushed her way in before the lay brother guarding the door had time to finish the announcement.

It took a cross look and an ominous hist from Effluvia to capture his attention.

We have come in regard to a misunderstanding which has occurred and with which the Lady Effluvia seems to feel you might be able to help us.

He stroked Effluvia as if she were a house cat, only partially to keep her tail under control.

Mile Mukbar, you have foolishly blundered, as Princess Effluvia so aptly pointed out, and thereby have canceled any claim you may have on my sympathy in your cause.

He gazed at the priest with more trust than he had ever bestowed upon his own father, and, when Effluvia glided forward to take his hand, he beamed at her.

Four barges besides the one containing the High Priest, Effluvia, the god, and the three women prisoners were filled with priests.

Now then, if only he would look properly impressive while His Brilliance introduced him to the buzzing populace, along with Effluvia, just to get people used to them as a pair, Gorequartz would have a rite unlike any it had ever seen before.

He and Effluvia took hold of Rupert on either side and helped him mount the wide ladder extending from the bow of the barge to the lower half of the crystal jaw.

The Queen was being bound hand and foot by one of the priests, the baby thrust into the arms of Effluvia, who held it out from her as if it were a snake.

Effluvia and Rupert were ahead of him, Effluvia holding onto the baby with one hand while clutching at the stone with the other.

The entities gathered themselves into an angry cloud, leaving behind the prostrate bodies of the priests and Effluvia, and danced out to sea just beyond range of the whistle, where they hovered like a cloud of wasps.

The only thing worse than the effluvia of dying cells around living humans was the stench of rotting ones.