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Edea (musical group)

Edea is a Finnish musical group. The Edea's song lyrics are written in an older form of the Finnish language and speak of old traditions as well. The mysterious runic symbols inscribed on the bows of Viking boats, door posts, drinking vessels, and amulets 1 as well as the Finnish composer Sibelius are the source of Edea’s music. Edea competed in the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 with their song, Aava.

Alexi Ahoniemi plays keyboard and saxophone. He has written lyrics, composed, and arranged for numerous groups.

The ensemble also includes Tommy Mansikka-Aho, who plays ethnic wind instruments, and percussionists Samuli Kosminen and Ethiopian-born Abdissa Assefa, who provide underlying harmonies.


Edéa is a city located along the Sanaga River in Cameroon's Littoral Province. It lies on the Douala–Yaoundé railway line. Its population was estimated at 122,300 in 2001. There are bauxite facilities, aluminium processing facility, steel processing facility, timber facilities, paper facilities and some water power stations in the city. Bananas, oil palm, and cacao are farmed nearby.

Edea (album)

Edea is the debut album by Edea. It was released in 1998.


Edea may refer to:Tuan Zuan Edea

  • Edea (musical group), a Finnish musical
  • Edea (album), an album by the same group
  • Edéa, a city in the Littoral Province of Cameroon
  • Edea Kramer, a character in the video game Final Fantasy VIII