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n. (plural of ecu English)

Usage examples of "ecus".

I am bourgeois, as you see, and having a small estate of fifty ecus have all that suffices for the simple needs of a citizen such as I.

What with one thing and another there is steel in the air at present, and a stout heart and a good sword such as you are may make an estate of fifty ecus five hundred or more.

Know you that Monsieur Broussel is a philosopher, who has found contentment in--fifty ecus a year, did you not say, monsieur?

You and your soldiers had taken more than fifty ecus worth of forage from me, as well as a cow and two sheep.

Jon-Tom began to blast out raw-edged stanzas full of free trade, reduced tariffs, and an international standard of taxation based on ecus instead of the dollar.

French merchandize was again seized, and Mexican traders whose storehouses contained such goods were fined 500,000 ecus, although the same storehouses contained English and Dutch goods which were left unnoticed.

He wanted outright cession of Guienne, Calais, and all the former Plantagenet holdings in France, plus an enormous ransom of three million ecus for Jean, in return for which he would give up his claim to the French crown.

By the Treaty of London he surrendered virtually all of western France from Calais to the Pyrenees, and agreed to an augmented and catastrophic ransom of 4 million gold ecus, payable at fixed installments, to be guaranteed by the delivery of forty royal and noble hostages, of whom Enguerrand de Coucy was designated as one.

King Jean was to be returned as far as Calais, where he would remain until a first payment of 600,000 ecus was made on his ransom and a preliminary transfer of territories had taken place.

The Captal de Buch in a will of 1369, the year he abandoned French fealty, evidently felt the need of immediate sanction: he left 40,000 gold ecus for 50,000 masses, all to be said within a year of his death, plus perpetual lamps and additional pious legacies.

There are ducats and ecus, florins and agnos, deniers and genoins, pounds and moutons.

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