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EBX may refer to:

  • EB Games Expo, an Australian video game convention
  • EBX (album), a four-volume box set by the band Erasure
  • EBX Group, a Brazil-based company group with oil-based business
  • Embedded Board eXpandable, a computer motherboard form factor
  • EBX, a videogame retailer owned by Electronics Boutique
  • EBX register, a processor register on the IA-32 microprocessor architecture
  • Electronic Brachytherapy (EBX) - treatment for skin cancer
EBX (album)

EBX is the title given to retrospective box sets from Erasure, released in the UK by Mute Records in 1999 and 2001. Four volumes of EBX have been released : both EBX 1 and EBX 2 were released in 1999, then EBX 3 and EBX 4 were out in 2001.

Each set presents, in chronological order, five singles released by Erasure, beginning with their debut in 1986 up to 1992 (twenty singles in all). Although cover art was altered (specifically for the sets), the track listings represent all music originally found on the UK versions of their singles (including all remixes and B-sides, found on cassette and CD singles, as well as 12 inch singles).

These first four box sets are currently out of print.