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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
eastern/southern etc extremity of sth
▪ the southern extremity of New Zealand
eastern/western/Pacific etc seaboard
▪ the eastern seaboard of the US
the eastern/northern etc slopes of sth
▪ Vines are grown on the eastern slopes of Mont Bernon.
the southern/eastern etc border
▪ They renewed their attacks on Ethiopia’s northern border.
▪ It sits amid wide lawns and giant cedar trees high above the eastern banks of the wide and winding River Dart.
▪ Western banks gained 67 % for the year and eastern banks jumped 64 %.
▪ Even so, Bicker and Luib had to hunt on the eastern bank to supplement what food they had left.
▪ A group photo showed his tank company on the eastern bank of the Rhine River.
▪ Proceeding north along a plateau high above the eastern bank of the river, he had stumbled upon the Nez Perce.
▪ The last battle was only ten miles east of Vicksburg on the eastern bank of the Big Black.
▪ The bad dream had been there all the time, of course, up in the jungles on the eastern border.
▪ On his eastern border, Ine brought pressure to bear on the eastern Saxons who were sheltering exiles from his kingdom.
▪ For the eastern border of the Saxons was the River Elbe, and that too was an artery of Saxon communication.
▪ Gen Morillon was also negotiating with local commanders yesterday to try to get aid convoys moving again in eastern Bosnia.
▪ Experts also point to the oil and gas pipelines that feed the eastern cities.
▪ His findings mirror those of other studies elsewhere on the eastern coast.
▪ The island's best beaches lie along the norther and eastern coasts with plenty of sand to choose from.
▪ It will become misty near some eastern coasts.
▪ The mainland of Yvresse lies along the eastern coast of Ulthuan but the realm also encompasses the islands of the Eastern Ocean.
▪ The Somerset commoners succeeded in fighting off most attempts at drainage where their contemporaries in the eastern counties had failed.
▪ He returned to the medicine trade and peddled his goods throughout London and the eastern counties.
▪ Migration from the eastern counties, while on a smaller scale, was forced by no less desperate circumstances.
▪ Completion of the eastern counties railway network removed the last barrier; now labour was prepared to move rather than tolerate chronic want.
▪ Louth Park Abbey was founded on the eastern edge of the town in 1139.
▪ Built for horse carts, it linked the eastern edge of the village with the fields.
▪ The Constellation crashed on Auchinweet Farm, on the eastern edge of Tarbolton parish, about 5 miles east of the airport.
▪ Or so it was until the white man first appeared, out of the forests on the grasslands' eastern edge.
▪ About 1,000 protesters, many from groups that were active in Seattle, demonstrated at the eastern edge of the village.
▪ The campus is located on the eastern edge of Walt Disney World.
▪ Ostermark Ostermark is a large and mostly rural province, lying at the north eastern edge of the Empire.
▪ I headed back toward the eastern edge of town.
▪ The whole eastern end was sealed off.
▪ Three days later we held a service on the beach at Sagaponack near the eastern end of Long Island.
▪ Round the eastern end is an ambulatory with radiating chapels.
▪ The eastern end of the church has an apse of Byzantine form, that is, semi-circular inside and polygonal outside.
▪ Thwing is a small village on the eastern end of the Wolds of East Yorkshire.
▪ Internal divisions were positioned at the eastern ends sub-dividing 1/3 or 1/5 of the area.
▪ An infants school, at the eastern end, was completed in 1850 and closed in 1923.
▪ The association reported one item of progress, welcoming the recent closure order for the eastern end of Fairview Road.
▪ The yard was situated at the eastern extremity of Polruan, where the forest rises steeply from the water's edge.
▪ The eastern half was a warehouse, a storey higher than the mill and built later, around 1890.
▪ The most southerly of the three enclosures had also been subdivided, although little of its eastern half lay within the trench.
▪ Through such Promethean effort, the eastern half of the continent was radically made over, for better or worse.
▪ After her experience in Managua, Kegl wondered whether deaf people in the remote eastern half of the country had a language.
▪ Carrillo controls the eastern half of the 2, 000-mile border, the Arellanos the western half.
▪ This granodiorite temper was found to be similar to the outcrop close to Mountsorrel on the eastern part of Charnwood Forest.
▪ While design work is continuing on all sections of the bridge, the eastern part poses the most problems.
▪ Drier weather will follow south with sunny spells, particularly in the more eastern parts.
▪ Only six of the 10 tracts are expected to attract strong attention, mostly in the eastern part of the country.
▪ The peak of Mount Etna dominates the eastern part of the island.
▪ We were in Agusan del Sur, in the eastern part of the island.
▪ Industrial estates in the eastern parts of the town will be regenerated by offering grants and business advice.
▪ The reverse is happening in the eastern part of the Ocean.
▪ Food and medical supplies are desperately needed in the whole eastern region.
▪ Chemical has traditionally concentrated its underwriting activity in New York and the eastern region.
▪ Most of the people live in the eastern region.
▪ The new port at Laem Chabang, on the eastern seaboard, was scheduled for completion in 1991.
▪ Along the eastern seaboard, army units were moved from northern states into the South to prevent suspected insurrection.
▪ The effects of the storm rippled through the economy of New York and the eastern seaboard, punishing some, rewarding others.
▪ She carried with her the values of the eastern seaboard, sought to perpetuate them, and succeeded.
▪ It does so when the eye catches the castle of Rapperswil towards the end of the lake on the eastern shore.
▪ Almost overnight, it transformed this sleepy village on the eastern shores of Baja California Sur.
▪ Thus, the eastern shore is saltier than the western shore.
▪ As the eastern shore of the future United States became the new landscape, it awaited the new pilgrims.
▪ Meg sat facing him, looking across at the eastern shore.
▪ As we rounded the lake's southern edge and moved up to the eastern shore, a faint tinkle filled the air.
▪ Situated on the eastern shore of the lake with a backdrop of terraced vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees.
▪ We are an odd collection assembled here, stuck fast like stubborn limpets to that eastern shore throughout the winter.
▪ Our plot occupied a compact square nested in a palm of earth on the eastern side of the river.
▪ Although this road emerges on the eastern side of the town, attempts to trace it much further have failed.
▪ We made a mistake putting it on the eastern side.
▪ There are also liquid fertilizer mixing plants strategically placed on the eastern side of the country.
▪ The atmosphere of grey repression that clung to the eastern side of the city is being purged at an astonishing speed.
▪ Their site is over the sea west of Wrath, at the eastern side of the Isle of Lewis.
▪ The brain drifts back to full consciousness now that there is a vague hint of light spreading across the eastern sky.
▪ The second celestial apparition was a faint, pearly cone of light slanting up the eastern sky.
▪ Low in the eastern sky was a sliver of white.
▪ But I saw torches moving, less powerful than lighted matches against the first crack of tarnished gold in the eastern sky.
▪ Forest situated on eastern slopes of Slieve Croob.
▪ Ruptures would cut the eastern states off from their supply of oil and contaminate ground water.
▪ Five years after reunification, twice as many women as men were unemployed in the five eastern states.
▪ Many eastern states are near the end of their landfill capacity.
▪ Each of these reservoirs would be as long as smaller eastern states.
▪ On Jan 25 one man was killed in the eastern town of Talvan during nationwide anti-war protests.
▪ Fighting at this stage centred around Mostar and the eastern towns of Visegrad and Foca.
Eastern philosophies
▪ There was heavy snow in eastern Minnesota yesterday.
▪ As far as temperatures are concerned the brighter eastern areas will do better.
▪ At this stage of the itinerary I propose to suspend the journey south and visit the eastern glens.
▪ Jobs had immediately disappeared, as inefficient eastern industries and bureaucracies were shut down.
▪ On the other hand, people in Britain grew increasingly impressed by the success of the Soviet troops on the eastern front.
▪ Roughly one-third of the sites in eastern Berlin are state-owned; establishing who owns the rest could take years.
▪ The company that gets Conrail would dominate eastern railroading.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eastern \East"ern\, a. [AS. e['a]stern.]

  1. Situated or dwelling in the east; oriental; as, an eastern gate; Eastern countries.

    Eastern churches first did Christ embrace.

  2. Going toward the east, or in the direction of east; as, an eastern voyage.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English easterne "of the east, from the east; oriental; of the Eastern Orthodox Church; of the eastern part of the globe," from east + -erne, suffix denoting direction. Cognate with Old Saxon ostroni, Old High German ostroni, Old Norse austroenn. Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia so called from 1620s.


a. 1 Of, facing, situated in, or related to the east. 2 (context of a wind English) blow from the east; easterly. 3 (context loosely English) oriental.

  1. adj. lying toward or situated in the east; "the eastern end of the island"

  2. of or characteristic of eastern regions of the United States; "the Eastern establishment" [ant: western]

  3. lying in or toward the east; "the east side of NY"; "eastern cities" [syn: easterly]

  4. relating to or characteristic of regions of eastern parts of the world; "the Eastern Hemisphere"; "Eastern Europe"; "the Eastern religions" [ant: western]

  5. from the east; used especially of winds; "an east wind"; "the winds are easterly" [syn: easterly]


Eastern may refer to:

Eastern (country subdivision)

Many country subdivisions are named East or Eastern, due to their location in their country. This lists all of the different types.

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  • Eastern District (disambiguation)
  • Eastern Province (disambiguation)
  • Eastern Region (disambiguation)
  • Eastern Division, Fiji
  • East Malaysia
  • Far Eastern Federal District, Russia
  • Eastern Thailand
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Usage examples of "eastern".

Parachute troops had invaded the Netherlands Indies, Thailand was occupied and Indochina was opened up by the acquiescent Vichy regime, bringing the Japanese forward to the eastern frontier of Burma.

Naivasha and Kisumu, which adjoin the Victoria Nyanza, formed at first the eastern province of Uganda, but were transferred to the East Africa protectorate on the 1st of April 1902.

Cooks, New Zealand, and Hawaii all possessed adzes and other cultural features of Eastern Polynesian type.

Duff, a New Zealand anthropologist who has made a special study of adze distributions, claiming that no adzes with butts tanged as an aid in lashing the handles have been established for Western Polynesia, whereas tanged adzes have been found throughout Eastern Polynesia, has argued that this is not in accord with what one would expect from random voyaging.

Apparently handfuls of migrants from Eastern Polynesia failed to establish the tanging of adzes among the conservative Western Polynesians.

Perhaps the best view of all, however, is that after the early settlers of Eastern Polynesia were released from the conservative influence of Western Polynesian technology, they tanged some of their adzes and made other innovations in their artifacts.

Prince was negotiating with Washington, while his detached scouts sought far and wide over the Eastern States looking for anything resembling an aeronautic park.

Podolak is the farthest eastern outpost of a criminal enterprise with its roots in Afghanistan, under the entrepreneurial direction of an Afghani named Haji Haroon.

Barnboard and half-portion of a barn door in the small bedroom upstairs, on the south side, was a happy afterthought, stumbled upon along the eastern seaboard on a buying trip.

The arcade in the eastern aisle is shorter than in the western, and does not reach to the ground.

The sun was just climbing above the eastern treetops as Seregil, Alec, and Micum set off for the city with Nysander.

As Hillela had adapted her subject to the kind of expectations she sensed available in the alumnae, so she moved on to more exacting forums around the Eastern Seaboard, the Middle West and even California.

Probably these later types also depended heavily on shellfish for food: broken and punctured ammonite shells have been found in eastern marine beds also.

His amorous eloquence grew in strength as he irrigated his throat with champagne, Greek wine, and eastern liqueurs.

These catastrophic seismic disturbances apparently produced the geologic divide, the Mississippi Valley Time-Slip, fracturing our continent into the ruined Here-and-Now of the eastern seaboard and the anachronistic There-and-Then of western North America.