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Purpose of the association EAIU - European Association for Intercultural Understanding is to promote education and the support of needy persons on the basis of a broad intercultural understanding.

This cross-cultural understanding also includes the following areas with a

  • multicultural education,
  • cross-cultural studies
  • cross-cultural communication
  • anti-racist education,
  • human rights education,
  • education for active citizenship,
  • education and appreciation of people, regardless of age, gender, health status or sexual orientation.

The purpose is achieved in particular through the

  • implementation of scientific events,
  • conferences,
  • seminars,
  • teacher trainings,
  • publications,
  • research projects,
  • through participation in international and intercultural projects and
  • generally through the promotion of intercultural understanding in the various fields of education.

International: European Association for Intercultural Understanding Deutschland: Europäische Vereinigung für Interkulturelle Verständigung France: Association Européenne pour la Compréhension Interculturelle Espangna: Asociación Europea para el Entendimiento Intercultural