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The Hong Kong-based EACA group of companies was established in December 1972 by Eric Chung Kwan-yee (alias Chung Bun), a businessman of humble beginnings from mainland China who stealt into the then British colony from Guangzhou as a young man. 1

EACA International Ltd was a manufacturer active from 1975 to 1983, producing Pong-style television video games, and later producing thousands of computers under the Genie name. These included the Video Genies I, II and III (which were Tandy TRS-80 Model I-compatible) and the Colour Genie. Along with Radio Shack clones they also produced Apple II computer compatible machines.2

Just as distributors were promoting a new 16-bit machine in late 1983, the heavily indebted group went into liquidation at the hands of receivers. Eric Chung was rumoured to have fled Hong Kong for Taiwan, leaving a seaside villa and massive debts in his wake.