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E@I (“Education@Internet”) is an international youth non-profit organization that promotes international collaboration and communication and hosts educational projects and meetings to support intercultural learning and the usage of languages and internet technologies.

E@I started as an informal international work group in 1999, before it was officially registered in Slovakia in 2005. E@I's activities include the development of educational websites ( lernu! and among others), publishing, such as producing books and DVDs, and organizing conferences and seminars, for example, the biennial KAEST or the Esperanto Wikimania in 2011. A specialist group within the organization is dedicated to Wikipedia.

E@I is a member organization of the Council of Europe's European Youth Foundation and one of the 29 organizations represented in the European Commission's Civil Society Platform for Multlingualism. Projects run by the organization have been subsidized by the Esperantic Studies Foundation and the European Commission's Youth in Action programme and Lifelong Learning Programme (through EACEA). The coordinator of E@I's activities is Peter Baláž, who has been elected Esperantist of the Year 2012 in a poll held by the renowned magazine La Ondo de Esperanto.