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vb. (en-past of: dure)

Usage examples of "dured".

So long dured the battle that Bors rose up all anguishly, and beheld [how] Colgrevance, the good knight, fought with his brother for his quarrel.

Sir, said Dinadan, and in Surluse, at that tournament that Galahalt of the Long Isles made, the which there dured seven days, was as great a gathering as is here, for there were many nations.

Thus dured the feast long, and after the feast was done, within a little while after, by the assent of two ladies that were with Queen Isoud, they ordained for hate and envy for to destroy Dame Bragwaine, that was maiden and lady unto La Beale Isoud.

But he hadn't been exiled here, he'd chosen this room and he'd have en dured far worse than cold drafts at night for that wondrous view that stretched unblemished by human interference.