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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dure \Dure\, a. [L. durus; akin to Ir. & Gael. dur ?, stubborn, W. dir certain, sure, cf. Gr. ? force.] Hard; harsh; severe; rough; toilsome. [R.]

The winter is severe, and life is dure and rude.
--W. H. Russell.


Dure \Dure\, v. i. [F. durer, L. durare to harden, be hardened, to endure, last, fr. durus hard. See Dure, a.] To last; to continue; to endure. [Obs.]
--Sir W. Raleigh.

Yet hath he not root in himself, but dureth for a while.
--Matt. xiii. 21.


Etymology 1 vb. (label en archaic) To last, continue, endure. Etymology 2

  1. (context obsolete English) hard; harsh; severe; rough


The dure is a type of collective laboring operation within small farming communities of Korea. Farmers in a village work together on each other's farms, so that they can support each other as reducing the amount of work. In accordance with region, its function and composition differ, so dure has been variously called such as nongsa , nonggye , nongcheong , nongak , nonggi , mokcheong , gyaksa , dongne nonmegi , gilssam , dolgae gieum . It can also be a school name.

Usage examples of "dure".

She was a fine young lady giont, about tin feet high, as broad as a cassel dure, but she was good size for Finn, as ye know be phat I said av him.

Nought may the woful spirit in mine heart Declare one point of all my sorrows' smart To you, my lady, that I love the most: But I bequeath the service of my ghost To you aboven every creature, Since that my life ne may no longer dure.

I never held me lady nor mistress, But humble servant to your worthiness, And ever shall, while that my life may dure, Aboven every worldly creature.

This made, aboven ev'ry creature, That I was yours, and shall while I may dure.

I am and shall be ay, while that my life may dure, your own, aboven ev'ry creature.

So long dured the battle that Bors rose up all anguishly, and beheld [how] Colgrevance, the good knight, fought with his brother for his quarrel.

The Cantos told, in their confused mix of pagan mythology and garbled history, of how Dure had crucified himself in the flame forests of Hyperion's Pinion Plateau rather than return the cruciform to the Church.

Trying to remember the details of the Priest's Tale in the old man's Cantos, I could remember only that it was here-just within the labyrinth entrance-that Father Dure and the Bikura had encountered the Shrike and the cruciforms.

Mientras dure esta aventura, lucharemos codo con codo y nos repartiremos el tesoro a partes iguales.

Nor had Father Dure lost his conviction that the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church continued to be humankind's last, best hope for immortality.

Sir, said Dinadan, and in Surluse, at that tournament that Galahalt of the Long Isles made, the which there dured seven days, was as great a gathering as is here, for there were many nations.

Thus dured the feast long, and after the feast was done, within a little while after, by the assent of two ladies that were with Queen Isoud, they ordained for hate and envy for to destroy Dame Bragwaine, that was maiden and lady unto La Beale Isoud.

But he hadn't been exiled here, he'd chosen this room and he'd have en dured far worse than cold drafts at night for that wondrous view that stretched unblemished by human interference.

Il est si dure en des endroits, comme dans la Caramanic déserte (Kirmân) qu'on en employee les pierres dans la construction des maisons des pauvres gens.

They hanged all the accused witches, except for that man who died under the peine forte et dure, crushed under a load of rocks when he wouldn't confess.