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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Duffel \Duf"fel\, n. [D. duffel, from Duffel, a town not far from Antwerp.]

  1. A kind of coarse woolen cloth, having a thick nap or frieze. [Written also duffle.]

    Good duffel gray and flannel fine. -- Wordsworth.

  2. Outfit or suppplies, collectively; kit. [Colloq., U. S.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1670s, from Dutch duffel, from Duffel, town in Brabant where the cloth was originally sold. Duffel bag is American English, first recorded 1917 in a letter of e e cummings.


n. (alternative spelling of duffel English)

  1. n. a large cylindrical bag of heavy cloth; for carrying personal belongings [syn: duffel bag, duffle bag, duffel]

  2. a coarse heavy woolen fabric [syn: duffel]

Usage examples of "duffle".

He opened the duffle, pulled out the datapad, put it on the bed as I came up behind him.

We walked quickly back toward the accessway, toward the duffle and the robes which would grant us innocuous identities again.

Meg fed the animals and then got into her old duffle coat and took the dog for a gentle walk.

Betsy in a cup of tea before putting on the duffle coat and taking Lucky for his walk.

Joel Duffle a 6 to 5 favorite over Miss Violette Shumberger all the way through.

Joel Duffle comes to New York several days before the contest with the character by the name of Conway, and requests a meet with Miss Violette Shumberger to agree on the final details and who shows up with Miss Violette Shumberger as her coach and adviser but Nicely-Nicely Jones.

Joel Duffle is a tall character with stooped shoulders, and a sad expression, and he does not look as if he can eat his way out of a tea shop, but as soon as he commences to discuss the details of the contest, anybody can see that he knows what time it is in situations such as this.

In fact, Nicely-Nicely says he can tell at once from the way Joel Duffle talks that he is a dangerous opponent, and he says while Miss Violette Shumberger impresses him as an improving eater, he is only sorry she does not have more seasoning.

Horsey tosses a coin for the first pick, and Joel Duffle says heads, and it is heads, and he chooses, as the first course, two quarts of ripe olives, twelve bunches of celery, and four pounds of shelled nuts, all this to be split fifty-fifty between them.

Miss Violette Shumberger names twelve dozen cherry-stone clams as the second course, and Joel Duffle says two gallons of Philadelphia pepper-pot soup as the third.

Miss Violette Shumberger and Nicely-Nicely whisper together again, and Violette puts in two five-pound striped bass, the heads and tails not to count in the eating, and Joel Duffle names a twenty-two-pound roast turkey.

Joel Duffle says two dozen ears of corn on the cob, and Violette replies with two quarts of lima beans.

Joel Duffle calls for twelve bunches of asparagus cooked in butter, and Violette mentions ten pounds of stewed new peas.

Violette Shumberger and Joel Duffle both nod their heads, and Mindy says commence, and the contest is on, with Joel Duffle getting the jump at once on the celery and olives and nuts.

Joel Duffle is one of these rough-and-tumble eaters that you can hear quite a distance off, especially on clams and soups.