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DU or variants may refer to:

Du (Unix)

thumb|upright=2|example screenshot of du in a terminal du (abbreviated from disk usage) is a standard Unix program used to estimate file space usage—space used under a particular directory or files on a file system.

Du (company)

du is a telecom operator in the United Arab Emirates. Although Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company is its legal name, it was commercially rebranded as du in February 2007.

Du (surname)

Du is a Chinese family name. The name is spelled Tu in Taiwan, in Hong Kong it is translated as To, in Macao it is spelled as Tou, the pronunciation of 杜 in Cantonese. The Vietnamese equivalent of the surname is Đỗ. It is the 129th surname in Hundred Family Surnames and is the 47th most popular surname in China according to the 2006 census.

Du (Peter Maffay song)

Du is a song by Peter Maffay, which was the biggest German hit in early 1970 and brought Maffay instant fame.

The song was covered in 1986 by Dutch singer Andre Hazes as the title-track for his album Jij Bent Alles. David Hasselhoff also covered the song in 1994, but failed to eclipse the success of both Maffay's (Germany #43, Switzerland #41) and his own hit " Looking for Freedom" (#1 in Germany and Switzerland). Both songs are on the album Looking for... the Best.

A video clip from David Hasselhoff's cover was shown for comedic effect in the 2004 comedy, Eurotrip.

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Du (personal pronoun)

Du is a common Germanic second-person personal pronoun that can be found in many of the modern Germanic languages.

Du (Cro song)

"Du" is the second single of German rapper Cro. A pop and rap song, it was produced by Cro. The lyrics and musical composition are attributed to Cro. On June 29, 2012 the music video was released. The same day, the single was released on as the second single from his debut album Raop through Chimperator Productions.

Du (cuneiform)

The cuneiform du sign, also kup, and sumerograms DU and GUB, is a common-use sign of the Epic of Gilgamesh, the 1350 BC Amarna letters, and other cuneiform texts. In the Akkadian language for forming words, it can be used syllabically for: du, or kup (and ku, up); also alphabetically for letters d, u, k, or p. (All the four vowels in Akkadian are interchangeable for forming words (a, e, i, u), thus the many choices of scribes is apparent for composing actual 'dictionary-entry' words.) It is also true in the Akkadian language, that some consonants are paired (k/g, k/q), thus the relationship between kup, and sumerogram GUB is explained (k/G).

For the sumerogram GUB, GUB in the Akkadian language becomes uzuzzu, English language for "to stand", or "to be present"; in the Epic of Gilgamesh, GUB is only used (2)-times for uzuzzu, and is used elsewhere in the Tablets I-XII (chapters), (15)-times.

Usage examples of "du".

You feel humiliated because it has to you been avoiding and because you have encontrarte with her in the stable, while the husband to duer to me in its bed.

I happened to tell several people about this private habit of mine at a dinner one night--a dinner at which Alice Duer Miller and one or two other writers were present.

Zeek the Meek and Super Duper, characters Hannah had made up in stories for Josh when he was a toddler.

Die goede dikke Henk zat geheel onder de pantoffel, en als Eline niet zoo ongemakkelijk was, en flink van zich afbeet, was ze ook onder den duim geraakt!

Zijn tandvlees bloedde niet meer, maar het zou nog een hele tijd gaan duren voordat hij weer normaal kon eten.

Merry Duner was intended to suffer a reduction of her emotional attachment to Quant and a heightening of her sympathy towards Ohe.

Rex Quant on the lips of Merry Duner, Snow jumped to the conclusion that she had heard, him utter the rest of the sentence as it stood in his memorandum.

Consider that they attempted to alter the memories of Rex Quant retained by Merry Duner.