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n. (plural of drunk English)

Drunks (film)

Drunks is a 1995 film starring Spalding Gray and Richard Lewis and directed by Peter Cohn.

Usage examples of "drunks".

Three or four drunks lay in the gutter of High Street like old sacks of coal, others scattered here and there down along the seafront.

Andr`e laughed and led the way through the well-ordered crowds except a few brawling drunks who were quickly and good-naturedly pulled apart by huge, expert bouncers, at once to be sat on stools and plied with more sak`e by the ever attentive maids.

Seems like all writers are bums, drunks and or fornicators--take Melville--maybe that's what makes them writers, me I can't write a letter without sweating.

All respectable members of the Settlement had been invited and were present, all officers who could be spared from the fleet and Army--and outside on the High Street patrols of both services were ready to inhibit drunks and undesirables from Drunk Town.

After supper had been cleared away and seven drunks removed, Andr`e Poncin took his place and the band began.

A few drunks huddled in the lee of the wharfs, the wind still gusting.

Hiraga hunched down as he went back to the comparative safety of the Japanese village-- safe only so long as the riffraff and drunks did not decide to rampage.

Almost at once he had been cornered by a rowdy group of drunks who surrounded him, jeering and cursing him, then started to attack.

Traders, soldiers, sailors, shopkeepers taking a constitutional or standing in groups, chatting and laughing, here and there, with a few singsongs and drunks and one or two wary male prostitutes.

He had passed no one except drunks huddled and snoring in the corners of shacks, sprawled on benches or in the dirt.

Satisfied the boat was safe, he began to walk through Drunk Town, through the crowded alleys, stepping over drunks and garbage, disgusted with the filth.

Idly Kyle wondered if the drunks would see the door as hanging straight or if it would look even more drunkenly askew than it did to the sober citizens.

Except the real drunks would be off the streets by now, passed out in a doorway with an empty pint tossed nearby.

He'd been real tired of cleaning up after stupid drunks who weren't a hell of a lot smarter when they woke up sober in a cell where the cement floor was covered with puke on good nights and shit on the rest of them.

To be blunt, the criminals Arkady arrested were ordinarily drunks first and murderers second, and far better drunks than murderers.