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n. 1 (abbreviation of hydroponic English) 2 (context slang English) Marijuana grown hydroponically.


Dro or DRO may refer to:

  • San Leandro, a city just South of Oakland, California
  • Dro Records, Discos Radioactivos Organizados
  • Young Dro, an American rapper
  • Dro, a Georgian newspaper
  • Debt relief order, a form of bankruptcy in England and Wales
  • Drastamat Kanayan, an Armenian general known as Dro
  • Disaster relief operation
  • Dispute resolution organization
  • Dielectric resonator oscillator
  • Dro, a commune in Trentino, Italy
  • Digital read out, a precision measuring instrument used in machinery and metalworking
  • Dro, slang for hydroponically-grown marijuana
  • DRO is the IATA airport code for Durango-La Plata County Airport
  • Darwin Reconnaissance Orbiter, a fictional spacecraft from Alien Planet
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office of Detention and Removal
  • Dining Room Orderly In the military, a KP who serves the cadre sergeants and officers. One who has been in the service for a lengthy term might brag, "I was DRO at the last supper".
  • Distant Retrograde Orbit, a highly stable lunar orbit
Dro (Georgian newspaper)

Dro (, 'Time') was a daily Georgian language bolshevik newspaper, published in Tbilisi from March 24, 1907 to April 28, 1907. The editor of Dro was Ilya Tsivtsivadze. Amongst the people involved in the newspaper were Joseph Stalin, M. G. Tskhakaya and M. Davitashvili. The newspaper was published several articles of Lenin. Dro was central in mobilizing the bolshevik positions in the Caucasus ahead of the 5th Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. After 31 editions, Dro was closed down by state authorities.

Usage examples of "dro".

The trio were mercenary Dro from Castle Mryl, where she herself had been trained in the art of the sword so long ago.

Dro but not Dro, for she who could change faces as easily as the seasons.

Mog-weed and Fardale sat atop the small wagon loaded with their supplies, flanked by Tyrus and his trio of Dro warriors mounted on their own horses.

Ddafydd, os dygid ei gorff dros erchwyn gwely, neu trwy ddrws, neu os cleddid ef mewn mynwent, neu mewn Eglwys.

The cardinal numbers were aine, sei, dros, enser, nif, hisz, yaga, managa, nuwai, tix.