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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dr \Dr.\ n. abbreviation for doctor, a title accorded to a person who holds a doctorate degree from an academic institution, such as a Ph.D. degree or M.D. degree. [abbrev.]

Syn: doctor.

2. a licensed doctor of medicine.

Syn: doctor, doc, physician, MD, medico.


DR, Dr or dr may refer to:

  • Doctor (title), a person who has obtained a doctoral degree
DR (broadcaster)

DR (from the earlier Danmarks Radio, which was the organization's name until 1996) – officially rendered into English as the Danish Broadcasting Corporation – is Denmark's national broadcasting corporation. Founded in 1925 as a public-service organization, it is today Denmark's oldest and largest electronic media enterprise. The then Danmarks Radio was one of the 23 broadcasting organizations which founded the European Broadcasting Union in 1950.

DR is funded by the levying of a broadcast receiving licence fee, payable in Denmark by all owners of radios, television sets, and, in recent years, computers and other devices capable of receiving DR's video content, whether or not they use DR's services.

DR operates four nationwide FM radio stations, (note that P1 and P2 now share one FM network) as well as a total of eight DAB channels (including the 4 on FM). All stations can be listened to on the web and via mobile radio.

Usage examples of "dr".

Dred Scott decision in,--a niche which would have been spoiled by adopting the amendment.

Honour, her maid, attended her at the usual hour, she was found already up and drest.

It was seldom now that a visiting carriage came dri vine through the water-filled bawn to cleanse its wheels before the return journey.

At four in the afternoon, Colonel Dassie Dred stood on the verge of worldwide farne.

San Dominican rebel, Colonel Dassie Dred, had been killer during an attack on a tourist bus some twenty-five miles east of the capital city of Coastown.

Black boys and girls waved a psychedelic poster of Dassie Dred that was making the rounds at the University of the West Indies and other schools throughout Central and South America.

Of them all, Lucyler was the only Triin in the company, and he did not hail from Dring but from Tatterak, the rugged region of Lucel-Lor to which the Daegog had been exiled.

And for his great loyalty and courage, Lucyler was given the unenviable assignment of helping secure the Dring Valley, and of keeping an eye on Richius.

As far as any of them knew, the Triin leader was in Tatterak with the loyalist warlord Kronin, and probably too preoccupied with the invading Drol to give much thought to his man in the Dring Valley.

Castle Dring was the stronghold of Voris the Wolf, warlord of the Dring Valley.

He had come to Castle Dring hoping to find solace in the company of his adopted family, to seek counsel from the Wolf, and to beg his patron god for guidance.

He had told Voris he would leave Castle Dring at dawn, and Voris was always punctual.

She may still be in Dring, maybe in a different village, maybe somewhere where I cannot find her.

There was still young Vantran in Dring, but he would no doubt be leaving, too, once he heard that his war duke had retreated.

Wolf was beloved in Dring, a mystery Dyana puzzled over as she walked with her ragged company along the winding Sheaze River.