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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dhow \Dhow\, n. [Ar. d[=a]o?] A coasting vessel of Arabia, East Africa, and the Indian Ocean. It has generally but one mast and a lateen sail. [Also written dow.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Etymology 1 vb. 1 (context obsolete English) To be worth. 2 (context obsolete English) To be of use, have value. 3 To have the strength for, to be able to. 4 To thrive, prosper. Etymology 2

vb. To furnish with a dower; to endow. Etymology 3

n. (alternative form of dhow English)


Dow, or the acronym DOW, may refer to:

Dow (surname)

Dow is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert G. Dow (1808–1908), New York politician
  • Arthur Wesley Dow (1857–1922), American painter, printmaker, photographer and arts educator.
  • Charles Dow (1851–1902), founder of Dow Jones & Co
  • Harold Dow (1947–2010), from the 48 Hours Mystery TV series
  • Herbert Henry Dow (1866–1930), founder of Dow Chemical Company
  • James R. Dow, professor of German language
  • Nancy Dow (born 1936), actress, mother of Jennifer Aniston
  • Neal Dow (1804–1897), noted prohibitionist
  • Paula Dow (born 1955), 58th Attorney General of New Jersey
  • Ryan Dow (born 1991), Scottish footballer for Dundee United
  • Tony Dow (born 1945), actor who played Wally in the Leave it to Beaver TV series

Usage examples of "dow".

Thomas Crann and Jeames Dow and my mother--whiles ane and whiles anither--but ye was aye there.

He did not wait for the Bailly to reply, but began to tell of the death of Lorenzo Dow, and, taking from his pocket the little black journal, opened it and read aloud the record written therein by the dead clergyman.

Lingo, familiar with the Chinese tongue, and therefore friendly with Celestials such as Koy Dow, had fixed the meeting place for them.

Bland and serene in his American clothes, Koy Dow was closing his shop for the night.

The front of the building lay black when Koy Dow had completed his task.

The ShaDow was shipped to Koy Dow inside a big box, with some truckmen that looked like gorillas bringing it.

It was plain that Koy Dow, although he had warned against premature gunfire, was not particularly perturbed by the possibility of a raid or a mob fight.

Pushing his way to the door, he looked into the room then stared inquiringly at Koy Dow.

As Lingo dashed Down the passage, Koy Dow uttered guttural orders to let the fleeing big shot pass.

But the master fighter had known that he could not again show his black-cloaked figure within the mob surrounded shop of Koy Dow.

After the supposed trapping, Koy Dow had waited for The ShaDow to return as Lingo Queed, knowing that there would be trouble when the trap was found empty.

Then Koy Dow and his Chinese henchmen had taken up the battle, that The ShaDow might depart.

Partly with the thought of amusing the dolorous Jack, yet more to win laudation, he brought forth DOW a variety of casts and moulds and spread them on the table.

Buddy Dow, hired skipper of a big lunker owned by an insurance company in Atlanta, had enlisted two recruits and was despairingly in need of more.

Dow, hired skipper of a big lunker owned by an insurance company in Atlanta, had enlisted two recruits and was despairingly in need of more.