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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rotche \Rotche\, n. (Zo["o]l.) A very small arctic sea bird ( Mergulus alle, or Alle alle) common on both coasts of the Atlantic in winter; -- called also little auk, dovekie, rotch, rotchie, and sea dove.


n. A small back and white seabird, of the genus ''Alle'', of the north Atlantic; the little auk.


n. small short-billed auk abundant in arctic regions [syn: little auk, Plautus alle]

Usage examples of "dovekie".

A bevy of dovekies and terns scolded with angry squawks when she collected eggs.

So I am pampered, fussed over, Annie makes me pants from my polar bear skin and an undershirt from the skins of murres while her mother feeds me dovekies cached since the summer in a sealskin bag.

Around him were breeding terns and gulls, snow geese and murres, eiders and dovekies.

Whenever they discussed the geographical distribution of plants and animals, they always parted company at the final step of the hypothesis—that just as the arctic supported a white bear rather than black or grizzly bears, murres and dovekies rather than penguins, so too might the Esquimaux differ at a species level from the men in other places.