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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Toronto, with its big domed stadium, is a likely site for the Olympic games.
▪ A female puppet with a fine, domed forehead entered, swishing black velvet.
▪ A floor of polished marble, a domed ceiling of gold mosaic.
▪ Cut a little off the wide base of the large cake so that it will sit firmly as the domed body of the clown.
▪ In an old domed church, sunlight painted rainbow jewels on the marble floor.
▪ Instead, it forms a huge domed shield on the front of which are two bean-shaped compound eyes.
▪ Steel columns support the vaulted, domed glass ceilings.
▪ The domed structure was wrecked, smashed open at one side like an eggshell.
▪ The smaller dispensers are called swan-necks and the larger, with domed heads, are called, mushroom dispensers.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Domed \Domed\, a. Furnished with a dome; shaped like a dome.


a. In the form of a dome.


adj. having a hemispherical vault or dome [syn: vaulted]


Domed can have several meanings:

  • Dome - in architecture
  • Domed consonant - a consonant type classified by domed tongue shape

Usage examples of "domed".

In the center of the huge domed ballroom was a round pool illuminated in such a way as to make it appear like an enormous aquamarine cabochon jewel.

Teku clung to his shoulder as he maneuvered out of the conservatory, through the carpeted hallway, back past the ornate domed room, and finally toward the scullery where Freen and the two chambermaids were finishing up.

There are hundreds of domed agricultural buildings surrounded by thousands of newly planted GM modified eucalypt trees.

Hilil Gamelyn said with a glance over his wine toward the prince on his throne and the regent standing beside him, a ring of gold and onyx and diamonds circling the base of her domed hair.

He could hear the growl and scrape as the ice flowed over the rocky land, gouging and destroying, the mighty cracks as the ice itself split and crumbled, and the steady roar of the blunt katabatic winds which spilled from its chill domed heart.

The domed end of the one facing Kibbo was five meters high, weld seams between the metal petal segments clearly visible.

When they again came to the surface, Bertha Kircher saw that they were in a large lagoon and that the bright stars were shining high above them, while on either hand domed and minareted buildings were silhouetted sharply against the starlit sky.

There was nothing unusual to be seen up there, just the usual clusters of low, domed lodges under wisps of windblown wood smoke.

Along with Mudd, they materialized near a low building, less than half its domed top showing above the surface dunes.

The opening was the oculus, the eye, in the ceiling of a vast domed room buried underground.

The castle seemed, smaller from the inside, with three roofed wings joined by three towers, two of them domed, and the short but wider third, castellated and furnished with a flagpole where an S S penant fluttered noisily in the strengthening wind.

I unwrapped the plastique and molded one block into a niche high in the wall, just a few feet back from the point at which that shaft opened into the domed chamber.

We crossed the domed chamber, pausing four times to deposit the last four kilos of plastique among the machinery.

The pshent of unknown stars above the myriad domed turrets glowed with a sallow, sickly flare, so that a kind of twilight hung about the murky walls of slippery onyx.

The one behind Wanhope Prison had been the largest of the nine, a single great amphitheater of stone, windowless, but domed with milky glass.