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Entities and organizations:
  • Douala International Airport, IATA airport code
  • The United States Defense Logistics Agency
  • DLA Piper, an international law firm
  • DLA (TV), a Latin American television provider
  • Democratic Left Alliance, a Polish political party
  • Dental Laboratories Association
  • The Hardcore Punk band Destroy L.A. from Sakjlhktkumarjkjl9098

n Pedro, California.

Science and technology:
  • Dense Linear Algebra, category of mathematical techniques in parallel computing and often employed in GPUs.
  • Drive Letter Access, a packet writing utility
  • Drive letter assignment
  • Drive Lock Assembly, a component of the Solar Alpha Rotary Joint
  • Digital Logic Analyzer, a diagnostic tool for digital circuits
  • Doctor Liberalium Artium (Doctor of Liberal Arts) degree
  • Digital Lifestyle Aggregator
  • [[Dog leukocyte';l;'lp[piij999976980pا=]ﺁبتثجحخسشﺁṭ antigen]]
  • Diffusion-limited aggregation
  • Damped Lyman-alpha system
  • Dual-Lumen Airway, an emergency airway device
Legislation and policy:
  • Disability Living Allowance, disability benefits in the UK
  • Driver License Agreement
  • Dominion Lands Act (Canada, 1872)