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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Dishonesty and corruption will not be tolerated in this agency.
▪ Are you accusing me of dishonesty?
▪ The report accuses both politicians of dishonesty and of misrepresenting the facts.
▪ Cronyism, bribery and dishonesty were also cited.
▪ Fraud was a legal concept, but dishonesty is largely a matter for the jury.
▪ Since there can be no dishonesty involved in stating the truth, the difficulties of proof are considerable.
▪ The fact of deception does not perse prove dishonesty.
▪ The mental element is knowledge of the taking and dishonesty.
▪ Two problematical areas in modern-day criminal law are dishonesty and intention.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dishonesty \Dis*hon"es*ty\, n. [Cf. OF. deshonest['e], F. d['e]shonn[^e]tet['e].]

  1. Dishonor; dishonorableness; shame. [Obs.] ``The hidden things of dishonesty.''
    --2 Cor. iv.

  2. 2. Want of honesty, probity, or integrity in principle; want of fairness and straightforwardness; a disposition to defraud, deceive, or betray; faithlessness.

  3. Violation of trust or of justice; fraud; any deviation from probity; a dishonest act.

  4. Lewdness; unchastity.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "disgrace, shame, want of honor," from Old French deshonesté (13c.) "dishonor, impropriety," from des- (see dis-) + Latin honestatem "honorableness" (see honesty). Meaning "want of honesty" is recorded from 1590s.


n. 1 (context uncountable English) The characteristic or condition of being dishonest. 2 (context countable English) An act which is fraudulent or otherwise dishonest.

  1. n. the quality of being dishonest [ant: honesty]

  2. lack of honesty; acts of lying or cheating or stealing [syn: knavery]


Dishonesty is to act without honesty. It is used to describe a lack of probity, cheating, lying or being deliberately deceptive or a lack in integrity, knavishness, perfidiosity, corruption or treacherousness. Dishonesty is the fundamental component of a majority of offences relating to the acquisition, conversion and disposal of property (tangible or intangible) defined in criminal law such as fraud.

Usage examples of "dishonesty".

I would not willingly waste upon small arguments, when I see more and more clearly that our paltriest faults and dishonesties need one and the same enormous cure.

A man grosser than Souris, he had modelled himself on the Winston Churchill he had once, he alleged, seen painting in Marrakesh, but the baby-scowl sat obscenely on a face bred by centuries of Maghreb dishonesty.

He had followed many trades on various goldfields, including that of unlicensed liquor seller, and having accumulated a considerable capital by the consistent exercise of the strictest dishonesty, had settled down into the ostensible occupation of sharebroker and mining agent, with which elastic vocation he combined those of money-lender, gold-buyer, and receiver of property more or less disputed as to title.

All human offences, the whole system of dishonesty, evasion, circumventing, forbidden indulgence, and intriguing ambition, in which men are struggling with each other, will be looked upon by a thoughtful Mason, not merely as a scene of mean toils and strifes, but as the solemn conflicts of immortal minds, for ends vast and momentous as their own being.

The only system of thought open to them at that time was official Marxism, which demanded a nationalistic loyalty towards Russia and forced the writer who called himself a Marxist to be mixed up in the dishonesties of power politics.

He almost read Lopez to the bottom,--not, however giving the man credit for dishonesty so deep or cleverness so great as he possessed.

How healthy is that for the kids--not to mention a history of infidelity and dishonesty, not to mention a new top management position with new responsibilities and new pressures?

He had provided a half dozen anecdotal examples of Cambodian rudeness, barbarity, dishonesty, laziness, and otherwise slovenly conduct.

I could not but weep in spirit as I saw the wretchedness around me--the squalid misery of the soldiers, the inefficiency of their officers, the bickerings of their rulers, the noise and threats, the dirt and ruin, the terrible dishonesty of those who were trusted!

  Where they are imperfect, it is commonly from the study of brevity, and rather from the desire of compressing the substance of his notes into pointed and emphatic sentences, than from dishonesty, or uncandid suppression of truth.

Manfred's statuesque blond German wife, Heidi, had failed to enthral Tara with a long-winded complaint about the laziness and dishonesty of her coloured servants, and Tara escaped as soon as she could and took another cognac to her father on the long blue velvet sofa, and then settled beside him.

That this loose state of the bankrupt law may be, and has been a cause of much dishonesty, is true, but at the same it is the cause of the flourishing state of the community.

Vice and misery, suffering and poverty, idleness and dishonesty, feeble-mindedness and idiocy are all blended, but no set-off in virtue and industry is to be found.

For all the honesty Desi said he admired in me, I sure know it wasn't anything to do with my answers to a Gallup Poll that was bothering me, but there I was, bogged down talking about all of that, and that's a land of dishonesty, it seems to me now.

But there is usually something to be seen from the road, enough, anyway, to be imagined from the very aspect of the building to send the trippers off to their teas with their consciences agreeably unquiet at the memory of small dishonesties in railway trains, inaccurate income tax returns, and the hundred and one minor infractions of law that are inevitable in civilized life.