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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Disease \Dis*ease"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Diseased; p. pr. & vb. n. Diseasing.]

  1. To deprive of ease; to disquiet; to trouble; to distress.

    His double burden did him sore disease.

  2. To derange the vital functions of; to afflict with disease or sickness; to disorder; -- used almost exclusively in the participle diseased.

    He was diseased in body and mind.


Diseased \Dis*eased"\, a. Afflicted with disease.

It is my own diseased imagination that torments me.
--W. Irving.

Syn: See Morbid.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., past participle adjective from Middle English verb disesen "to make uneasy; inflict pain" (mid-14c.), later "to have an illness or infection" (late 14c.); "to infect with a disease" (late 15c.), from disease (n.).


a. Affected with or suffering from disease.


adj. caused by or altered by or manifesting disease or pathology; "diseased tonsils"; "a morbid growth"; "pathologic tissue"; "pathological bodily processes" [syn: morbid, pathologic, pathological]

Usage examples of "diseased".

He discovered that a large part of the fresh meat prepared at the establishment of a certain slaughtering establishment in Chicago was derived from animals which had been condemned on the antemortem inspection, but the flesh of which was perimitted TO BE SOLD AS PURE FOOD AFTER THE DISEASED PARTS HAD BEEN REMOVED.

Otherwise than this, what is there in the official regulations of the bureau governing meat inspection to prevent such use of the flesh of diseased animals as the inspector may authorize?

The human extractor has the advantage that he or she can distinguish the diseased, unripe or germinated beans and separate them from the good ones.

Hotel and Surgical Institute abound in reports of cases, demonstrating the fact, that by careful and judicious management, hip-joint disease in its earlier stages, may be promptly arrested, and that cures may be effected even when the bony structure of the joint is seriously diseased.

If the bones be diseased, their articular extremities may be distended and fatty matter deposited in them.

Maybe she had tried to buy a child on one of her tripsso many people did, and the kids turned out so badly sometimes: feebleminded, diseased, crazy, the wrong color, with faked IDs and misleading medical histories.

After the acids from the diseased gums have attacked the teeth, the poisons of the germs that breed in the warmth and moisture of the mouth cause the teeth to decay.

Doubtless our best thoughts are deeply tinged by the healthful or diseased conditions of such organs as the stomach, the lungs, the heart, or even the muscular or circulatory systems, and these impressions, when carried to the sensorium, are reflected by the thoughts, for reflex action is the third class of functions, assigned to the cerebrum.

A pulpy-looking servo, whose organometallic casing and squat, smiling head had a swollen and almost diseased appearance, showed her to a chair.

It is most frequently due to some deformity or diseased condition of the generative organs of the female.

When morbid changes have taken place in the blood and tissues, when a general diseased condition of the bodily organs has occurred, then an agent, which is poisonous in health, may prove curative.

To discriminate more effectually, and place the correctness of the diagnosis beyond doubt, we make a chemical and microscopical examination of the urine, and thereby detect the morbid products which it contains, and direct our attention to the diseased organs furnishing them.

There are, however, diseased conditions of the various organs in which this power is lost or impaired, and, as a consequence, disturbance of function, or even death itself, is the result.

These diseases are always attended with weakness, which is often very great, of the muscles that hold the diseased organs in position.

I twirled Toni and I sucked Sue and the visions of the gray gomere twats and the diseased white and black and native American and under- and overprivileged twats were replaced by fuzzy blond Danish twats and a neat little clit writhing in those spangled gluteal folds.