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n. (context informal English) dinosaur.


Dino is a name which may refer to the following people:

As a given name:

  • Dino Arslanagić (born 1993), Bosnian footballer
  • Dino Bruni (born 1932), Italian road cyclist
  • Dino Buzzati (1906–1972), Italian writer and painter
  • Dino Bevab (born 1993), Bosnian footballer
  • Dino Cazares (born 1966), guitarist for Divine Heresy and former guitarist for Fear Factory
  • Dino Ciani (1941–1974), Italian pianist
  • Dino Ciccarelli (born 1960), Canadian retired National Hockey League player
  • Dino da Costa (born 1931), Brazilian-Italian former footballer
  • Dino Crocetti, better known as Dean Martin (1917–1995), American singer and actor.
  • Dino Dini (born 1965), creator of football video games
  • Dino Dolmagić (born 1994), Serbian footballer
  • Dino Đulbić (born 1983), Bosnian-Australian footballer
  • Dino Ebel (born 1966), American baseball coach
  • Dino Esposito, MSDN magazine columnist
  • Dino Esposito (born 1963), American DJ and singer-songwriter
  • Dino Grandi (1895–1988), 1st Conte di Mordano, Italian Fascist politician
  • Dino Hotić (born 1995), Slovenian footballer
  • Dino Islamović (born 1994), Swedish footballer
  • Dino Jelusić (born 1992), singer from Croatia
  • Dino Kartsonakis (born 1942), pianist who plays Christian-influenced music
  • Dino Mikanović (born 1994), Croatian footballer
  • Dino Morea (born 1975), Indian model/actor
  • Dino Risi (1916–2008), Italian film director
  • Dino Rossi (born 1959), American politician and businessman
  • Dino Šarac (born 1990), Serbian footballer
  • Dino Zandegù (born 1940), Italian former cyclist
  • Dino Zonić, Bosnian composer and conductor
  • Dino Zoff (born 1942), Italian former football goalkeeper

As a nickname:

  • Dino De Laurentiis (1919–2010), Italian film producer
  • Alfredo Ferrari (1932–1956), son of Enzo Ferrari
  • Dino Saluzzi (born 1935), Argentine musician
  • Dino Stamatopoulos (born 1964), television comedy writer, actor, and producer
  • Kevin Conner, better known as Dino, part of the R&B group H-Town

As a surname:

  • Abedin Dino (1843-1906), Albanian politician
  • Abidin Dino (1913–1993), Turkish painter
  • Ahmed Dino (1785–1849), Albanian military leader and politician
  • Ali Dino (1889-1938), Albanian cartoonist and a Member of the Greek Parliament
  • Gerald Nicholas Dino (born 1940), American clergyman
  • Güzin Dino (1910–2013), Turkish literary scholar, linguist, translator and writer
  • Rasih Dino (1865–1928), Albanian politician
  • Shahin Dino, Albanian politician and diplomat in the 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Xhemil Dino (1894-1972), Albanian politician and diplomat

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Dino (automobile)

Dino was a marque for mid-engined, rear-drive sports cars produced by Ferrari from 1968 to 1976. Used for models with engines with fewer than 12 cylinders, it was an attempt by the company to offer a relatively low-cost sports car. The Ferrari name remained reserved for its premium V-12 and flat 12 models until 1976, when "Dino" was retired in favour of full Ferrari branding.

Named to honour Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari's son and heir Dino Ferrari, the Dino models used Ferrari racing naming designation of displacement and cylinder count with two digits for the size of the engine in deciliters and the third digit to represent the number of cylinders, i.e. 246 being a 2.4-litre 6-cylinder and 308 being a 3.0-litre 8-cylinder. Ferrari street models of the time used a three-digit representation of the displacement in cubic centimeters of one of the 12 cylinders, which would have been meaningless in a brand with differing numbers of cylinders.

Dino (singer)

Dino Esposito or Dean Esposito, better known as '''Dino '''(born July 20, 1963 in Encino, Los Angeles, United States), is an American DJ, singer-songwriter, and record producer.

Dino (The Flintstones)

Dino is a fictional character featured in the Hanna-Barbera animated television series The Flintstones, and its TV spinoffs and feature films. He is a pet dinosaur of the series' main characters, Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Dino debuted in the opening credits of the pilot episode of The Flintstones, but is not mentioned by name until the first season's fourth episode, "No Help Wanted."

Dino (disambiguation)

Dino is a given name, a surname and a nickname.

Dino may also refer to:

Dino (album)


For similarly named album by Jessica, see Jessica Folcker discography section

Dino is a 1972 studio album by Dean Martin arranged by Larry Muhoberac and produced by Jimmy Bowen.

The album peaked at 117 on the Billboard 200, and was the last of Martin's albums to chart. It was reissued on CD by Hip-O Records in 2009.

Dino (Italian singer)

Eugenio Zambelli (born 3 May 1948), best known as Dino, is an Italian singer and actor.

Dino (film)

Dino is a 1957 film directed by Thomas Carr, written by Reginald Rose, and starring Sal Mineo, Brian Keith and Susan Kohner. The picture was released as part of a double feature in April 1957 and the running time is 94 minutes.

Dino (biography)

Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams is a biography of Dean Martin written by Nick Tosches. It draws heavily from interviews Tosches did with Jerry Lewis and Martin's second wife, and lifelong friend Jeanne Biegger. The story begins with the births of Martin's grandparents in Italy and follows his entire life up to the point of publication. It also includes sections in which Tosches writes in the first person from the point of view of Martin, a gonzo journalism style which would be used more frequently in his later non-fiction works.

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Usage examples of "dino".

His name is Dino Bacchetti, and he commands the detective squad at the Nineteenth Precinct.

He laughed aloud at the thought of Dino holding the flight for a police emergency, then arriving at the airplane carrying his golf clubs.

Stone and Dino gratefully sipped their drinks, which were laced with rum.

The front door stood open, and he ran quickly through the central hall and out the open back door, with Dino close on his heels.

He looked back at his own group, and Dino was suddenly on his feet, making his way across the room and unbuttoning his jacket.

Finally, when most of the crowd had fled the restaurant, he was able to make his way through the stragglers to Dino, who was now bending over Bartlett, feeling at his throat for a pulse.

Stone flipped through them, with Dino looking over his shoulder, occasionally pointing out something.

Stone took the book from Dino and turned it over, opened the back cover.

Stone and Dino chatted about nothing in particular for a while, then the computer chimed again, and Stone opened the mail.

Stone drove his usual slice into the next fairway, and Dino hooked his into yet another fairway.

Stone arrived back aboard the yacht, Liz, Callie and Dino were all waiting for him.

He swept Liz into his arms, kissed her, then shook hands with Stone and Dino, then he turned back to Liz.

Worth Avenue with Dino at his side, trying not to look behind him or at the reflections in windows.

Gradually, the big yacht drifted toward the seawall, then Dino was throwing ropes to the men ashore.

He knew how Dino hated FBI agents, and his own experience with them as a cop had not been wonderful.