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n. (plural of dink English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: dink)

Usage examples of "dinks".

The signs the dinks made were as incomprehensible as the sounds they uttered, but Jodi found the whole process fascinating to watch.

Federation justice was thought to be swift and tough but it was a slow-motion replay compared to what happened when these dinks got on your case.

Whatever the treatment being handed out, the dinks allowed no protests.

Two were small dark-haired, olive-skinned dinks, the other was a taller, cowled figure whose face was covered by an oval chalk-white mask.

It looked like a primitive type of john, but Steve decided not to use it in case it turned out to be something the dinks served soup in.

If the four armed dinks had wanted to break a few bones they could have done so easily.

Steve recalled Side-Winder telling him the dinks didn't have electricity.

The dinks don't give a shit who you are or where you're from - and neither do we.

A wall screen slid open and four small dinks, dressed in colourful ankle-length wraps, padded in on white-stockinged feet.

The dinks are combing the Ne-Issan for Trackers who know how to fly - and here I am decked out like a Mute!

He knew Cadillac was enjoying every minute of it, but it was also necessary for him to act that way to avoid arousing the suspicions of the thirty-odd dinks who acted as overseers.

He used up the next two rockets in a variety of aerobatic manoeuvres, working his way closer to the ground as he gave serious thought to buzzing the display stand from behind to give the dinks the fright of their lives.

You, Jodi and Kelso concentrate on training these dinks and I'll, uhh -' 'Flight-test the planes as they come off the line.

At a rough head-count, the Japs and assorted lower-ranking dinks now outnumbered the original Tracker workforce by three to one.

When Steve and his two friends were through the only things the dinks would be handing out were neck-trims - if you were lucky - or a meltdown in boiling water if you weren't.