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The Collaborative International Dictionary

dink \dink\, v. t. To deck; -- often with out or up. [Scot.]


dink \dink\, n. [ca. 1985, acronym from double income no kids.] either of a married couple who both are employed and have no children. The term is often used as the prototype of midde-class persons with higher-than-average disposable income.


dink \dink\, n. (Tennis) a ball hit softly that falls to the ground just beyond the net.


dink \dink\, n. an Asian person, especially a Vietnamese; -- used contemptuously, considered disparaging and offensive. [U.S. slang]

Syn: slant, slope. [PJC]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

acronym for double income, no kids, popular from 1987.


derogatory for "Vietnamese," 1969, U.S. military slang, of uncertain origin.

  1. (context US military English) (alternative spelling of dinq English) n. 1 (context tennis English) A soft drop shot. 2 (context US pejorative English) A North Vietnamese soldier. 3 (context US English) Double Income No Kids - a childless couple with two jobs 4 (context Canada colloquial English) A penis. v

  2. 1 (context tennis English) To play a soft drop shot. 2 (context football English) To chip lightly, to play a light chip shot.


Dink may refer to:

DINK (acronym)

DINK is an acronym that stands for "Dual Income, No Kids". It describes a couple who do not have children.

The term was coined in the 1980s at the height of " yuppie" culture. The Great Recession has solidified this social trend as more couples wait longer to have kids. In the Netherlands, one in five couples choose not to have them at all.

Dink (band)

Dink (styled DINK), was an alternative/ industrial rock band formed in Kent, Ohio in 1992. The band combined elements of industrial, Hip Hop (rapped vocals and extensive use of samples), hard rock, and electronic dance. Dink's members included Sean Carlin ( guitar, vocals, programming), Rob Lightbody (vocals, guitar), Jer Herring (guitar, vocals), Jeff Finn ( bass), and Jan Eddy Van Der Kuil ( drums).

Dink (nickname)

Dink is a nickname for the following people:

  • Dink Johnson (1892–1954), American Dixieland jazz pianist, clarinetist and drummer
  • Dink Mothell (1897-1980), American baseball player in the Negro leagues
  • Dink O'Brien (1894–1971), American Major League Baseball player in the 1923 season
  • Dink Templeton (1897-1962), American track and field athlete and coach
  • Dink Widenhouse (born 1932), retired NASCAR Grand National Series (now Sprint Cup Series) driver

Usage examples of "dink".

But Miss Dink had wanted me to hurry to the spring and bring her a gourdful of fresh water.

Ham Brooks--both of them had the same idea at once, and it was a good idea--saw Dink Masket about the same time.

Dink Masket then shook hands with Ham, Johnny and Monk, all three of whom wrung their knuckles and blew on them afterward.

The lawyer climbed into the machine, waited until the others were also aboard--it was a tight fit in the back seat with Monk, Johnny, Pat and Dink Masket all wedged in--then the limousine backed off the sidewalk and left the spot.

Dink Masket dropped to all fours and leaned over the edge of the slip.

Doc Savage went back to the rear of the hangar, he used the disguise of Dink Masket, including the voice.

He looked at Doc Savage, and seemed to approve of what he saw, although Doc, in the guise of Dink Masket, fell far short of being the prepossessing figure he normally was.

Bodies of Bandits and Rats and Dinks, sprawled in grotesque postures of death, littered the trashy streets.

The deerhound loped along beside them but Dinks had gone off somewhere again.

Dinks growled at Tristan, while the deerhound seemed to be studying Meryl.

It was, again, a gracious gesture, and, unlike Dink, Carby did not seem wary.

Coupla housekeepers, maintenance guy who dinked with the entertainment system after a complaint from the last tenants.

He wound up as if for the hardest slam yet, then dinked the ball down just over the net with a heavy backspin that damped it almost to a standstill.

The drive was keyed to overload when it came in contact with the ion storm, and that caused the warp jump and dinked around with the gravitational matrix.

  He wound up as if for the hardest slam yet, then dinked the ball down just over the net with a heavy backspin that damped it almost to a standstill.